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"Florida wildlife officials say a man tried to trade a live alligator for beer at a Miami convenience store...the man received a citation for illegally capturing and trying to sell the gator. The man trapped the 4-foot-long gator at a nearby park and brought it to the store Dec. 10. When he proposed to trade the animal for a 12-pack of beer, the store clerk called authorities. Pino says the alligator was "pretty much in good shape." The animal was released back into the wild." I wonder what this guy was thinking. Why would a convenience store need an alligator? This guy could have actually gotten beer for that alligator if he'd just sold it to someone who wanted it first. I'm sure an alligator is worth much more than a 12-pack anyway, even in Florida. probably could have traded it to a restaurant for 12 beers. Reader poll: What type of beer do you think he was trying to get?
@coolio I'll trade you some beer for some beer (PBR for sierra nevada)
@coolio I'll trade you some beer for your car
I would trade just about anything for beer