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"Bids for a painting by George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch captain who admitted to killing Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, have reached $100,000 on eBay, the online auction house. The painting is the first work by Zimmerman, who was acquitted in Martin's death, but it's not the first by a notorious character more famous for his crimes than his art. The Zimmerman painting depicts an American flag in differing shades of blue with the words "one nation" under the word "God," followed by the words "With liberty and justice for all."" Odd change of careers for Zimmerman, but I guess art is good for the soul? Some of the other works attached are from other notorious figures through history. Hitler, Manson, Gacy, and the like. Zimmerman wasn't nearly as bad as any of those people, but the story is in a similar vein. Also, Jack Kevorkian has an album of acid jazz flute
i wan't exactly expecting him to tear up the art scene
It's sub a bad painting
I have to agree, a sad case and a sad statement on america (even if he was acting within the law, the law is bad)
I can't hear that name before getting angry