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Justin Tucker tells coaching staff "I got this" before booting game winner
After 5 successful kicks on the night and scoring every single one of the Ravens points, Tucker had earned his shot at the game winner last night against the Lions. When asked by his coaches if they should go for a fourth down conversion, or kick the 61 yard field goal, Tucker didn't hesitate. With 33 straight field goals made, Tucker and others have the Ravens on an impressive four game winning streak, solidifying themselves in the AFC playoff picture. Side note: Justin Tucker has scored 44% of the Ravens' points this season
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he would have looked pretty stupid if he missed
4 years ago·Reply
Pretty standard kick. That guy seems like a total bro
4 years ago·Reply
standard? 61 yards in a hostile stadium to win the game with playoffs on the line? spare me your impossible standards jayman
4 years ago·Reply
but yes, he is a total bro. to start his press conference after winning the game, he approached the podium and asked, as if entering a room filled with unassuming college buddies, "what up?"
4 years ago·Reply