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Its everyone's favorite time of the week... 1) "A big part of this Seattle offense is scoring touchdowns." –Kevin Burkhardt (SEA vs. NYG) 2) "This Buffalo secondary, they get their hands on a lot of balls." -Rich Gannon (JAX vs. BUF) 3) "If you don't like blimps, I don't know what you like." - Kevin Harlan (HOU vs. IND) 4) "He came in Friday morning and they told him they were going to put him down."- Joe Buck (talking about Aaron Rodgers) (DAL vs. GB) 5) "The Saints are going to have to do a complete 360 to get back into this game." –Chris Myers (NO vs. STL) 6) "How do you taunt when you're down 20?" –Al Michaels……. "Ehh, it's the Bengals."- Cris Collinsworth (CIN vs. PIT) 7) "There's a flag down. Nope nevermind, Huber is down." –Al Michaels (CIN vs. PIT) (Huber suffered a fractured jaw and cracked vertebra on the play) 8) "Andy Dalton gets a lot of passes tipped, about as many as any QB in the NFL" –Cris Collinsworth (CIN vs. PIT) 9) "I call them "The Silver Bullet Band," because they will ROCK you!" – Gruden (DET vs. BAL) 10) "That guy is a field goal kicker" –Gruden (DET vs. BAL) 11) "You look like you're on a gameshow or something" –Gruden 12) "Halftime adjustments are overrated" - Aikman (Cowboys were up 26-3 at half, ended up losing) 13) "That was a good hard count. He almost got me!" - Gruden
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haha these announcers are so dumb