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Devyani Kobragade, India's deputy consul general, was arrested on Thursday as she dropped her daughter off at school. Apparently, she submitted false documents to get a work visa for a female housekeeper. Details are sparse, but Indian society and the government in New Delhi are collectively outraged at the arrest.
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Yeah, its pretty interesting that none of the uproar in india has to do with the absurd wages she was paying her housekeeper.
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@curtis yea...and i don't know the intimate details, but it sounds like she was just trying to help out an employee. what do you think could be the source of all the outrage?
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Well she was paying about $3 bucks an hour. Way less than half of minimum wage so she wasn't really helping if you ask me!
4 years ago·Reply
ohhh wow i totally misread that haha
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Haha yeah, though I guess by Indian standards that would've been ok, can't live on that in NY
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