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In yet another shooting, a gunman and another person were killed. The shooter died of a self inflicted gun wound. Several others were injured and remain in the hospital. Its telling that none of these shootings ever make the front page. Shootings in America are just another part of daily life. We need gun control now.
Wow, that was a very in-depth analysis. Yeah I think its very embarrassing and more than that I think its a human rights tragedy. Lots of my friends joke about guns and hunting and the 2nd amendment, I don't agree. Also, on a lighter note how is it that people worry about traveling abroad when the US has such an absurd murder rate??
@curtis what are your thoughts on the NRA and their lobbyists?
ohh i was being sarcastic! it's definitely something that needs to be addressed more by our representatives. and to answer your question, i think we absolutely do. the US's lack of gun control laws is honestly embarrassing when looking to almost every other western/developed country. i think constructivist interpretation of the constitution is extremely problematic; we need to reinterpret certain things to fit our current-day situations. gun-related violence and death could be greatly diminished with even slightly more gun control
No I think we need to spark the gun control debate again. I think we need gun control now do you disagree
wow you really never hear about it anymore...god forbid we spark the gun control debate again