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I just finished watching "I hear your voice" and I really wanted to resist (who am I kidding) but I soon got caught in the vortex of this "noona" romance. I mean Lee Jong-Suk IS Lee Jong-Suk, n by that I mean absolutely adorable. When he smiles it could light up the neighbourhood block n then some. There were so many cute and spontaneous moments between the leads ... that often I forgot there was a plot to this ... i mean this is drama land so there is the constant battle between good and evil and also the welcome cathartic transformation of key characters ... Bottom line being, I kept at it for the eye candy ... n kitschy cutesy moments. YEAH! if you're wondering what to watch post "Heirs" perhaps n pre "the man from the stars" by the by that airs tonight or say you're just suffering from "dram-bore-dom" okay i made that up, this is definite filler, pick-me-upper ...