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Hello Vinglers, Recruiting Editors who, from January on, will lead the growth of their respective communities. Over the past three months, Vingle Editors have employed various strategies and roles to invigorate their Vingle community. Thanks to our Vingle Editors' great effort and contributions, many users have sent us positive feedback about the growth of the respective interests. While the First Class of Vingle Editors have plowed the ground, planted the seeds, and began the growth of their respective communities, new editors will continue their efforts by "watering, nurturing, and taking care" of the products that our First Class have planted. Over 2,000 interest communities are currently available in Vingle. Interest Editors have so far managed their respective interest communities for the betterment of users' Vingle experience. They have promoted the interests, and have led them with devotion and exemplary behavior. They have also communicated actively with users, collected ideas and opinions, and delivered them to the Vingle team to help the service improve. The Editors' activities, however, are not only limited to these. * Elected Editors will - have their usernames officially displayed at the top of each Interest page. - be able to feature 2 exemplary collections in their Interests as the "Editors Pick!" - Each Vingle Editors' effort and contribution to their respective Interest will be proudly commemorated in the Interest History section. Forever will the names of Vingle Editors be engraved upon the bricks that built the Vingle house. * Qualifications: - Are passionately active in their Interest Community - Persistently seek to interact with Vinglers in their Interest - Possess uncanny insight in all aspects of their interest - Have not received a warning due to improper Vingle behavior * Application Process - Application Deadline: 27th Dec 2013 - Editors period : 1st Jan 2014 - 31st Mar 2014 - Application at : - Number of individuals: One person per interest - We will begin this system by starting off with Editors in a few select Interests, and then gradually increase the number of Interest Editors over time. - It is also possible to apply to be an Editor for an interest you have already served. - In order to continuously upgrade the Editor System for the benefit of all Vinglers, we would like to encourage you all to give us as much feedback as possible. ( If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via
congratulations to all new editors! :)
@Donnas Oh! Thank you! :D
@Donnas Yay! but don't worry. I'm gonna apply for Scuba Diving. :)
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