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Why is it that when a girl is more open to one person than others or interacts more it automatically means they're into that person? Or that when a straight girl flirts with a guy in the exact same way as she does with her female friends? Just saying.
I’m pretty sure that it goes the same way with just about everyone. If a guy does it, they are often seen as interested or “trying to get into her pants.” I can only imagine how people view people who are bisexual when they are completely open with others or flirty. The entire idea of flirting is to show interest in a person. Even if the girl is straight and just friends with a guy friend, of course from the outside it’s going to look like she’s into him. The key is that it is play flirting, and without context, it’s hard to tell from the outside.
It gets even worse when you're gay/bi/pan. People who are the same gender would even go as far to assume that you're into them if you simply looked at them for 2 seconds
I mean im just saying that this post isnt as much of a problem as it seems to be
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