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oppas greetings christmas card.happy holidays 2013,chingus.
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I wish girl, but for now is impossible, my father is health delicate, so probably I have to go back to home, so not money to chilling. .but soon or later should be, gomawa unnie, always here for you...
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@tyta468 no problem sis ur man should be with u to support u at time like that so Will pray to u and ur father and put ur wish at my letter to Santa and u put me plz
4 years ago·Reply
@tyta468 @tyta468 thanks for the Santa Player ....hahahahaha .....
4 years ago·Reply
@christy .gomawa sister, but I'll be here to make all of you happy, with a korean piece a candy, everytime..woohoooo,
4 years ago·Reply
@tyta468 yahoo thanks sis
4 years ago·Reply