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At Colossi they have two departments, a customized handmade department and a handmade department: In the customized handmade department, the tubing is filed by hand, to have the correct fitting, every little part is polished by hand. They use only silver brazing material when they braze. Every frame has the individual approach. One by one, no shortcuts. In the handmade department, they mill the tubing instead of filing the tubing by hand, but everything is also based on the individual approach. In the handmade they can make a little more quantity but after the milling, the principle of working is the same as in the customized handmade department. For this department they also use the top grade silver brazing material. The frames are made in the same “old fashioned” way, without compromise, with a lot of hand work. Painting is done with Dupont paint, and can be done to your specification using the pantone color codes.