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My Current Favorite Pop Songs

Includes one song by an Albanian artist so it's not in English, I'll list her first! She's such a Queen!

Era Istrefi - BonBon

Lennon Stella - Bitch

Post Malone - Wow

Ariana Grande - Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored

Sorry I know this is a couple months old now but it freaking slaps even after the 1,000 listen.

YUNGBLUD X Halsey - 11 Minutes

This song is older too but still it's beautiful! I really want Jo Jinho to cover this song! I'm begging desperately!

Bebe Rexha - Bad Bitch

This one is really old but I just found it the other day. It slaps!

Billie Eilish X Khalid - Lovely

Ten X WinWin's dance video to this song got me hooked!

Halsey - Eyes Closed

Rose's cover of this got me hooked!

SMNM - Hold Me In Your Arms

Such an underrated artist!

Nick Jonas X Robin Schulz - Right Now

Another older song.

Jonas Brothers - Sucker

My forth grade self is fangirling so bad right now. I love these boys! Get you a man that has you in his music video!

Jonas Brothers - Cool

Also fun fact. Bebe Rexha is Albanian too, she just was born in America 🤗
I know! She’s such a Queen too!
Era Istrefi is 👌I love her songs. BonBon is the jam.
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Easy way to find opt Job in USA 2021
Before 2 years ago when I came to the USA for studies. Many questions have arisen in mind like how to find OPT jobs, Can I get OPT jobs or not, how can I apply for OPT jobs. After fighting through the financial crisis and still Focusing on your studies, it's understandable that you wouldn’t think straight ahead into the future. Every year, a significant number of students move to the United States to further their education. When you move to a new country or state, you must raise money and manage your regular expenses. When working on-campus and off-campus jobs will help you manage your expenses. On-campus jobs are those that encourage you to work on a college campus. You can work 20 hours a week if you want to. You can apply for these jobs from college portals. Off-campus jobs can do but after one year, of course, starts which must be related to your subjects. These off-campus jobs come under OPT/CPT. What is OPT? OPT (Optional Practical Training) is for F-1 Students who can do temporary work up to 12 months after the completion of their studies. There are two types of OPT 1. Pre-completion 2. Post-completion · Pre-completion: - You can apply for pre-completion OPT after lawfully enrolling full-time for one academic year at a college, university, conservatory, or seminary that has been approved by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE Student and Exchange Visitor Program ICE SEVP to enroll F1 students. You can meet the "one full academic year" criteria even though you were in another non-immigrant status at the time. You can work part-time (20 hours or less per week) while school is in session if you are approved to participate in pre-completion OPT. · Post-completion: - After you've completed your studies, you should apply for post-completion OPT. If you are eligible for post-completion OPT, you can work up to 20 hours a week or full-time. USCIS will subtract the amount of time you spent on pre-completion OPT from your post-completion OPT authorization period. If you took 9 months of pre-completion OPT, for example, you will only be eligible for 3 months of post-completion OPT. Some Easy ways that help you to enjoy Opt period with Opt jobs · Send your resume to any company that has Opt jobs open. · Inquire for any related companies in your sector. · Check with your seniors and see if any vacancies are available. · Be willing to reorganize your resources if necessary. · You may apply for some other course to keep your student status. · You may connect withes some Job portals · If you're looking for an https://www.unitedopt.com/ on social media, make sure you use the right hashtags or keywords in your profile so hiring managers can find you. · Be sure to keep the social media profiles up to date with relevant links and job samples so that they don't go unnoticed. I hope this gives you some thoughts.
Are Kendall Jenner & Nick Jonas Dating?
The answer is NO. Nick Jonas confirmed to E! this week that he was not dating Kendall Jenner and was planning on staying single while he focuses on his career. For now, Jonas is looking for flings to be "light and casual" being able to get dinner on occasion but nothing serious. He's currently promoting his new single "Levels". "We're not dating," Nick said,"Kendall is great and naturally with her being good friends with Gigi [Hadid] and with Joe [Jonas] and Gigi dating, there are times we'll be in the same place and we all hang out." Weeks ago he shocked everyone when he and gorgeous Olivia Culpo split. She was "devastated" but recovered quickly. "I'm trying to take the time to walk out this next phase of my life and be single the right way," Nick said. "I [also] like being able to work as hard as I want. I'm incredibly driven and with all the projects I have going on, they take up a lot of my time. I like to work hard and just be as focused on work as possible." Nick will be performing "Levels" at the MTV VMA Pre-Show as well as kicking off his own tour on September 6 in Hershey, PA. He will also be on Directv Series "Kingdom" where he will be in gay sex scenes. For Jonas, he has a lot going on in his career. "Levels" is his only focus as he noted that it really hits his falsetto range, "It's a fun song to sing, but it's a hard song to sing because of the high notes," he said. "I fell in love with it as soon as I heard it. It was the perfect way to sort of cut a new path for me while still touching on some of the older sounds. I love the soul and the R&B elements that it has, but also the dance vibe. The funk side of things was really big for me." Do you think Kendall and Nick would make a cute couple?
ISO 9001 Certification in Philippines
In today’s blog, I will be taking you through ISO 9001 certification in Philippines, at first let me tell you something about ISO, the international body that sets these standards. ISO is International Organization for Standardization; it is an independent global organization that was founded in the year 1947 and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It has members from across 165 countries who meet annually at the General Assembly to discuss the future goals and strategies of the organization. ISO has published around 22000 standards to date and one among them is ISO 9001 which is Quality Management System. Details about ISO 9001 ISO 9001 is the quality standard set up by ISO and is descriptively known as Quality Management System (QMS). ISO 9001 standard states that if any organization is 9001 certified then it means that the product or services offered by the organization comply with international standards. It is one of the most widely used standards, according to ISO data’s almost one million organizations in over 170 countries have been ISO certified. This shows the popularity of this standard which is the primary standard of ISO and one of the most compatible of the lot. ISO 9001 is applicable to any organization irrespective of its size, nature of operations, etc. The recently updated version of this standard was published in the year 2015 hence it is also known as ISO 9001:2015 in some places which is the most standard and sophisticated way of calling name for this standard. Advantages of getting ISO 9001 certified The most primary standard that an organization opts for is the ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) because it has multiple benefits attached to it. · The standard certifies quality stamps to organizations which instills a sense of confidence among customers and in turn helps in customer retention and new customer acquisition. · This standard pushes organizations to enhance the quality of their product and services hence it helps customers as well as organizations to deliver quality. · Since, the quality delivered by you is top-notch it indirectly establishes better and efficient production or service line within your organization. · It helps increase the profit of your organization as the organization has better efficient management within an organization. · Lastly, it is one of the most compatible standards and can be used with any other standards from the lot. ISO 9001 in Philippines Philippines, officially known as the Republic of Philippines, a country in South East Asia is a democratic presidential form of government that shares its maritime border with Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and China. Philippines has shifted from agriculture to a newly industrialized country, hence it becomes essential to discuss ISO 9001 in Philippines. The economy of Philippines is rapidly developing with increasing exports of semiconductors, electronics products, garments, transport equipment, fruits, etc. Since the continuous increase in industrialization ISO 9001 can play a major role in further boosting the economy of the country and act as an added advantage for organizations to achieve this feat. Assistance from Finecert ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) has helped one million organizations around the globe to establish an efficient production or service line within the organization and increase the quality of products or services offered by the organization. ISO certification in Philippines will also help the country in the same way as it has helped organizations in other countries. Getting organization ISO 9001 certified can be a game-changing moment for most of the organizations as it comes with a lot of added advantage with it. Having said that let me add that International Organization for Standardization only sets standards and is not involved in the process of ending certificates. It is done by external bodies, this is where we come into the picture. Finecert is a leading global organization with a team of highly-trained consultants that have expertized in getting your organization ISO certified as per your needs. We employ a very cost-effective and transparent approach in dealing with our clients and establish a long-term relationship with them is our goal; integrity in dealing with our clients is of utmost virtue to us. Finecert has many overseas operations in the Middle East, Asia, and many African countries too. We have a presence in Philippines too and wish to help organizations in this country to get ISO certified as per their needs and in a given time. To know more about ISO certification and consultation in Philippines, you can write to us or request a quote at contact@finecert.com or visit our website www.finecert.com and check us out about the ISO services we provide in Philippines.
Battle of the Boy Bands
The boy(s) that stole our hearts from the last decade or so. The best part of growing up in the 90s is the music that was produced during that era. Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Brian McKnight are some of my favorite solos. Apart from those the soulful artists there are the boy bands that stole my heart. I used to sing-a-long to their songs whenever they come up on the radio. On my free time, my sisters and I would try to learn their dance choreography. Fast forward to 2015, boy bands are still popular (at least among the teens). However, which boy band would actually stand the test of time? New Kids On The Block They've been active since the late 80s. Currently, they're still singing, dancing and throwing concerts. Right on! N'Sync They rivals of BSB. They would have been more popular if the group stuck together. Nonetheless, N'Sync is still one of the best boy bands out there. Backstreet Boys Most popular 90s boy band. People (like myself) are still listening to their classics. Needless to say they're an oldie but goodie The Jonas Brothers A boy band made of real bros. Seriously how cool is that? In addition, they write and compose most of their songs. It's unfortunate the boys grew up and decided to pursue their own activities. One Direction The pretty boys of today's generation. I honestly only know one song from these guys "What Makes You Beautiful" and but I have a feeling they'll be forgotten in a decade. Westlife The group that never fails to deliver emotional and touching songs. Their hit singles are still popular today and I can assure you that everyone knows at least one Westlife anthem. BBMak The underrated trio. I actually first heard of them through Disney Chanel but other than that I haven't seen them around. They have the potential but I have no idea where they went after releasing "Back Here" (shown above). 98 Degree You can think of them as the four guy band serenading mainly love songs. They have several hits but in 2003 they group decided to take a break and focus on their solo activities. They haven't make a comeback since then. The winner(s): Backstreet Boys & New Kids On The Block As seen from the video above the popular 80s/90s boy band still handle to make the crowd go crazy. Yes, they might be old but they're still grooving! What do yo think?
Why Are These Kids At A Rave?
The 1990s were a simpler time - at least in the realm of kid birthday parties. You went out for laser tag or group-watched a movie. You had slumber parties or rented the 'party room' at your local roller rink. However, sometime between then and now, Skrillex happened - which brings us to the latest trend in children's birthday parties - KIDDIE RAVES. Introducing CirKiz - it's like that neon EDM-packed post-apocalypse you used to go to in college. But with safer goodie bags. You got your wildin' out, glowstick-wielding white bros. Guy with a cool haircut working the 1's and 2's. The person who's been going hard on fruit punch all night. And the one in the corner, currently regretting the fruit punch. CirKiz was created by some NYC-based, EDM-loving parents - Jesse Sprague and Jenny Song - who wanted to create a special place "where families can listen and dance to DJs, see live performances, and experience a nightclub environment in a safe, controlled daytime setting." Available in both New York and London, parents can choose one of several popular warehouse venues and trendy nightclubs for their CirKiz-sponsored event. One such venue, I was surprised to learn, is Cielo, a New York spot known for hosting some pretty 'high-brow' house and trance DJs. In fact, that's exactly where Jesse and Jenny first came up with their Cirkiz idea: "We had [our son's] 1st birthday party at Cielo. We invited friends with kids and friends without. It was so much fun for everyone we decided to make it an annual event but in different clubs. The message we got from all our friends was clear and consistent: 'You should do this professionally and turn it into a business... I'd pay to go.' So after years of just doing it for fun, we finally got our act together and did exactly that." Currently, CirKiz is hosting a 'winter series' of raves at NYC's Space Ibiza on Sundays, where ticket prices range from $15 - 20 per person. You can check out more details at their official website or you can be like me and just stare at these pictures, feeling equal parts confused and disturbed. With that being said: What do you guys think? Is combining kids and rave culture a good idea or bad idea? Let me know in the comments below. (Also shout-out to the LED robot in this picture up here. For a part-time job, that's - admittedly - rad as hell.)
Easy-to-Execute Steps to Access Netgear AC1900 Extender Login Page
Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 EX7000 mesh extender boosts up your network range and delivers a dual-band WiFi speed up to 1900Mbps. Nighthawk EX7000 AC1900s 700mW high-powered amplifiers provide extreme internet range and its dual-core 800MHz processor enables the maximum WiFi performance. EX7000 works easily with any standard WiFi router & it is ideal for HD video streaming & online gaming, downloading, etc. as well. Netgear extender setup helps you in getting the whole-home WiFi connectivity you need for iPads, iPhones, smartphones, laptops, computers, gaming console, & more. After Netgear AC1900 setup, you can log in to your Netgear WiFi extender to view and change its settings. How to access the Netgear extender login page? To access Netgear extender login page, have a look below: Power on your Netgear AC1900 EX7000 WiFi range extendre. Connect your Netgear AC1900 WiFi extender to your existing router with the help of an Ethernet cable. Turn on a smartphone, PC or laptop. Launch a web browser and type mywifiext in the browser's address bar. Press the Enter key. Netgear Nighthawk ac1900 login page displays. Enter your Netgear extender's admin name and password (security key). Click the LOG IN button. Netgear AC1900 extender's Status page will display. Your web browser might display the Menu icon. If yes, click on it. Netgear EX7000 AC1900 extender menu displays. Select the Settings option to view and adjust your Netgear WiFi extender’s settings. Forgotten your Netgear extender's username and password? If yes, reset your Netgear AC1900 extender once. To reset Netgear extender: First and foremost, disconnect the Ethernet cable that you used for connecting your Netgear extender and router. Then, ensure that your Netgear AC1900 extender's power LED is on. After that, grab a pin, paper clip or any pointed object and insert it into the Netgear extender reset hole. Hold the reset hole and release it. Thus, Your Netgear AC1900 extender has been reset successfully. Now, you can log in to your Netgear WiFi extender using the default login credentials. Still, if you are facing issues while accessing the Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 login page, have a look at a few troubleshooting steps given below. To troubleshoot Netgear extender login issues: Plug in your Netgear WiFi extender properly into a working outlet. Make sure that your Netgear device is placed within reach of your router. Use Netgear AC1900 default login address i.e. to access the Netgear AC1900 login page. Use up-to-date and a load-free internet browser. Update the latest version of firmware on your Netgear AC1900 extender and your WiFi router. Power cycle your devices (computer, router and your Netgear extender). Try access the Netgear range extender login page again from a different web browser. Ensure that you have correct Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 login address i.e. mywifiext net with you. If the issue still persists, download the Netgear Genie app. Once the Netgear Genie download process gets completed, you can access the AC1900 login page without any hassle. For nighthawk device login we are available for solution. For any further assistant, reach out to our technical department via toll-free number 1-877-930-1770 anytime. For more details kindly visit on https://nighthawkmywifiext.weebly.com/netgear-extender.html
"FIRE" Dance Cover + BTS Memes!
https://youtu.be/3q8INrOa3aA Check out my dance cover for "FIRE"! Thank you for your support and encouragement! Now memes as promised! IG: dreyarises My taglist; let me know if you'd like to be added, message me if you want to be removed. @11erinmims @4dalientae @AaliyahNewbell @AdiaJasinskin @adritha13 @AimeeH @aliahwhbmida @Aliyah16 @AlexAckerman @AlexisCortez @AlexisJ15 @AlexisRiver @AlexRae @aliciasalinas @AliciaStransky @AlmaRangel @altheaaquino @AlysonUnderland @AmandaOwnbey @amberg171997 @AmberRelynn @Ambie @amobts @AnaP @Angelblue @Animani @AnimeGirl320688 @AnnieGoodman @AnushkaSindhu @AridaysRamirez @ArielaPicazo @ARMYStarlight @asdfghjkleyr @ashleyemmert @ashrose33 @AsiaMidnight @Astrohelix @awkwardjazzy @axosrain @Badtz @Bangtanss @B1A4BTS5ever @BAbrajan1 @baileykayleen @bambamisbae @bangtanella @Beckah1327 @BessanMerab @BetseyBleau @blackirishawk @BluBear07 @BlueberryKookie @BrennaHarding @BriannaN @brirodriguez412 @Britneygraham @BtsIsLife @BTSLUV1 @Bubblebella @bubblekookie @Byeoli @CallMeMsDragon @CandaceJordan @caricakes @CarleB @CarlaAcosta @CarlaPacheco @carolinaquito14 @CassidyRoush @CassieWarens @ccebox47 @ChaErica @ChaEunwoo @ChaHakyum @ChauncyVSutton @ChavaBerry @ChelseaGarcia @ChewyKookie @chinabarrier16 @Chiqiang @Choijiah @CocatolaOtaku @CrookedShadow @CrystalBlunt @CrystalGuerra @CrystalV @Dabaesaplayer @DaisyPhun @DamarisCisneros @dancingdazzler @DannyHe @DarrenRouton @DasiaB @deefran @Defy24601 @DesireeChucklez @DestinaByrd @DestineeLiu @destiny1419 @dragoncrisis @DreaG1518 @drey1980 @EdithJang @Emealia @elainarenea @EleanorKriegel @EllieNim @ElniWyatt @enthropix @Ercurrent @ESwee @EverieMisfit @EvilGenius @exobts947 @externallyeli @faith92 @Fangirl @FifiG @fleaisms @FrancescaV95BTS @funnelcakeboo @Gianlica @gigiandviking @giwtamni @Gizzy2002 @GossamoKewen95 @gummydragon @HaleyHerbig @Halsyeon @hauntedyouth13 @hayoungforever @Helixx @herbsolutions @hobisprincess @HopeYoongi @HunniNutFeelios @HyunnieKim @ibMIMI @ILikeHisFace123 @InfiniteKiss @InfinitySky @InnocentiaKishi @iraVVIP @IsoldaPazo @JadeNarine @JadeOwens @JaeneashaJones @jaidemae @janessaakemi @Jaqueline26 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