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People in NYC Called NCT "BTS" And You Need to See The Vid

NCT was recently in NYC and were walking around Times Square. A lot of people (non-kpop fans) were saying that it was BTS and in the video you can hear Mark say "Sorry, we're not BTS" to which a fan shouted THEYRE NCT and the crowd went wild lol!
and Doyoung's reaction is so cute:
This tweet really hurt too:

Wishing everyone happiness!

Something like that just makes American fans look bad. I'm not saying those were fans, but it doesn't help in general. I know true kpop fans know the difference between BTS and NCT
Yeah this makes Americans seem like "all asians look the same". And like BTS is the only successful kpop group.
smh...glad there were fans there to shout their support!
Someone also flipped Mark off. It was so freaking rude!!!
I know my poor boy didn’t deserve that!!
Wtf that was fucking rood
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