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Hi, newbie here

I've never actually make any post here, on vingle. But there's no better time than now.

I have, with my girlfriend, an #art studio, where we make prints and other things. Where everything is #handmade, even the digitally printed ones .
I'd really love to know your opinion on our work.
We are GRUMO.

Lemon Tree

This is one of the four digitally printed ones. An botanical #illustration of a lemon tree. It was hand drawn first, and then scanned and coloured digitally.

Just Some Dogs Laying Down

The second one was this. We love #dogs so... it's was pretty easy to come up with an idea, my dog also helped as an inspiration and even worked as a life reference model!

As you can tell by now, #nature is a big motif and influence in our work.

Following the trunk we have a brunch, as well. This is the last of four digitally printed.
Cactus I

This one was handprinted. It's a linoprint, if you want I'll share after some pictures and gifs of the process.


Linoprint of a banana tree.
This is a gif I've created with all our prints.

That's all for now. Really hope you like them. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on our work.
If you would like to follow us, there's an instagram account @grumostudio and there's a youtube channel as well.
Your feedback is highly appreciated and it would mean so much to us.
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