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This cat is awesome. Hahahaha! It's so mellow.
@edenyoon4493 i know right! have you ever seen a cat that sit still like that?!!? i have never seen one haha
Ohhh.. .she (maybe He) is sooooo cute♥
@serbshavemofun Awww, nothing wrong with that. :D Oh, how interesting, to go from dogs to cats, because they're definitely not quite the same. LOL. I hope she does come around. You know, he did eventually. It took a loooong time, but he got used to coming near people and would even let you pet him. XD
@YinofYang oh its just the one for me, for life! lol but yea - she is older and just not used to it lol And I'm not used to her (have always been dog person) but I'm working on spoiling her and making her more people loving!! :D Did your uncle succeed in making his cat more people friendly?
@serbshavemofun Awww, how many cats do you have? I bet you love them all. :) Heehee, yep, reminds me of my uncle's cat. You could not get near.
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