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As company president Dana White has stated countless times since introducing the organization’s first female weight class at the beginning of the year, women wouldn’t be in the UFC without Ronda Rousey leading the charge. Were it not for the edgy personality and seemingly unrivaled skills that made White take notice, the UFC roster would probably still consist solely of the male divisions. So when Rousey (7-0 MMA, 1-0 UFC) recently expressed a desire to retire from MMA within the next couple of years, many in the industry wondered if women’s MMA would take a hit like it did when Gina Carano left the sport in 2009. Rousey recognizes those fears, she said she’s determined not to leave a “Gina Carano void” of her own. “Everyone loved Gina and Gina really started all the interest in women’s MMA, and when she left, the entire sport detonated without her,” Rousey told MMAjunkie. “I never want to leave the sport in that state she had to when she left. I’ve really accomplished a lot at this point, and I’m starting to think about more than just the present moment and thinking more down the line and how I want to leave some sort of a legacy.”