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It’s not only Kim Sun Ah’s acting that’s winning praise for her role in her current drama, but her fashion as well! Since the premiere of MBC’s I Do I Do, Kim Sun Ah’s Hwang Ji An character as a chic and super alpha-girl is winning over fans. Some are even dubbing her fashion appearances in the drama ‘the Hwang Ji An’ look as many viewers are attempting to mimic her fashion. Kim Sun Ah’s main stylist for the drama, Kim Young Joo, shared, “Rather than go for flashy looks, we wanted to emphasize a modern style with one-point shoes, color and bags to give her a chic and confident look. Though the looks may come off as flashy, we tried to deemphasize a flashy look to bring out a clean and simple look and to accentuate Kim Sun Ah’s wonderful body line and legs.” The fashion designer also revealed Kim Sun Ah’s input into her character’s fashion saying, “In our fashion concept meetings, Kim Sun Ah was the one who suggested we created stylish looks that any person could emulate and she showed a lot of interest in the drama’s styling.” The clothing items she wears for each episode have proven a big hit after each episode’s airing with the items being dubbed, ‘Kim Sun Ah’s trench coat’, ‘Kim Sun Ah’s blouse’, ‘Kim Sun Ah’s scarf’, etc and many clothing brands rushing to create similar styles due to the large demand. Src: Enewsworld
very beautifull....i love her more than anyone..
Every episode... I am just in LOVE with her fashions... AH-MAZING