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Kim Ha Neul has been appearing as the strict high school ethics teacher Seo Yi Su, who is trying to distance herself from Kim Do Jin (Jang Dong Gun) yet can’t bring herself to confess her own love to Im Tae San (Kim Su Ro). In the shoot held on June 12 in Ilsan, Kim Ha Neul had to collapse on the floor of her bathroom and sob her heart out. Although she had been bright and unpredictable for the previous episodes, Kim Ha Neul managed to instantly go in the opposite direction and cry her heart out for her character’s sorrows. She won’t be crying elegantly like most actresses; she’ll be wailing and exploding with emotion. Kim Ha Neul worked hard to set the mood for this scene. She could be found on the bathroom floor even before the shoot started, and the staff also helped her by keeping as quiet as possible. When Kim Ha Neul started to sob, even the staff members and the director were brought to tears. She made it through the scene in just one take. The next episode will continue where the eighth episode left off, when Seo Yi Su walked into a meeting between Im Tae San and Kim Do Jin regarding her. Src: Enewsworld
can't wait for the next episode :D
most of the time she overreact but facing your real feelings at the same time with being rejected is the most painful thing.... you know, in life everything has a price to pay...