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'Has Korean wave changed?' KBS drama 'Big' is becoming popular because of idol group BEAST. As BEAST sang the main OST of 'Big,' Japanese people are getting curious about the drama itself. This reaction was found in several Korean wave fan sites. The various sites included posts by people who consider themselves as BEAST fans which introduce main actors and actresses of 'Big' in Japanese and English. 'Ugly Person' video on YouTube recorded 150,000 views although there was no other music video made for the song. Instead, fans made their own videos with edited clips from the drama with 'Ugly Person,' and it happened to advertise both the song and the drama. 'Big's production company Bon Factory's employee said "It seems like now K-Pop is becoming a step stone for Korean Dramas. 'Big' was able to appeal globally thanks to Idol group participating in OST making." Cr: