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You like him, and yes, he likes you. But much like a good game of Jenga, your budding relationship is still new enough that one sudden move could cause a crash. Here's how to holiday shop for the guy you just started dating depending on the type of guy (bc they are not all the same ladies :)): You have a Jock: His football playing days might be over, but the Superbowl is right around the corner. Let him indulge in his ESPN (don't know any players :D) fantasies with this official NFL ball—then remind him he's got his very cheerleader ;)   Wilson F1100 Official NFL Game Football: $90; You have a Start-Up Prince: He wheels. He deals. He thinks bandwidth is better than bacon (but hopefully not sex). Help out his quest for world domination with Pendleton's texting gloves, which look cool, feel warm, and allow easy Smartphone access when he's racing around Silicon Alley in the cold.   Pendleton Texting Gloves, $22.50; You have an artsy fellow: Takashi Murakami, Damien Hirst, and Banksy have all used Mickey Mouse as inspiration for their fine art—your guy can, too, with Moleskine's new Mickey notebooks, perfect for sketching, making gallery notes, or playing hangman during a "very important artist talk" where you're both really bored.  Mickey Mouse x Moleskine Notebook, $18.95; You have the next Pablo Noruda: Watching Midnight In Paris on repeat can only get him so far. This book is a sweet, silly, and weirdly productive way to actually get going on a new writing project, and (bonus) it does not include any scenes of Marion Cotillard sleeping with Picasso. 642 Things to Write About, by the San Francisco Writer's Grotto, $16.75; You have an outdoorsy fellow: He climbs rocks. He pitches tents. He could probably win Survivor (or at least The Amazing Race). But just because he's off playing Into the Wild doesn't mean he shouldn't answer your texts or look at your pictures :) Help him out with this supremely useful waterproof case, which lets you snap pictures and send email, even when you're rafting through rapids.   E-Case iSeries Case for iPhone, $29.99; You have a music groover: If he considers Coachella a national holiday, he'll appreciate the little-seen documentary that follows Jack and Meg White as they attempt a crazy feat: To play at least one show in every Canadian province in just under two weeks. Hijinks, ceremonial burying songs, and (spoiler) a meltdown ensue. The real bonus is that because it's a DVD, you can watch it together while cuddling on the couch. Under Great White Northern Lights by Emmett Malloy, $12.75; You have a cinema-phile: You can only go to those Kurosawa marathons at the indie cinema for so long. Get him a subscription to Hulu's Criterion Collection so he can access hundreds of master films from around the world on his laptop, his tablet, and even his smartphone. Remember to be sneak some cuddling time while you both adventure into the world of film :)   Hulu Criterion Collection, $7.99; You have a foodie (I wish XD): You can still get those Snoopy Sno Cone makers on eBay, but this retro-inspired one at Target is cheaper…and will probably look a bit more sophisticated on his kitchen counter. The bonus here is that you can use it too :)!   Nostalgia Retro Mini Snow Cone Maker, $23.99; You finally conquered that bad frat-boy: Do not compete against his love for beer. Make it work for you. Here is a beer making kit that is sure to make him crazy drunk for you :)   Brooklyn Brewery Beer Making Kits, $40;