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"The New Mexico Supreme Court ruled on Thursday to allow same-sex marriage across the state, ending legal ambiguity that had produced a patchwork arrangement in which some counties permitted gay nuptials while others prohibited them. The ruling makes New Mexico the 17th U.S. state to legalize gay and lesbian marriage, and comes amid growing momentum on the issue that saw the governors of Hawaii and Illinois sign bills last month to permit same-sex weddings in their states. "Denying same-gender couples the right to marry and thus depriving them and their families of the rights, protections and responsibilities of civil marriage violates the equality demanded by the equal protection clause of the New Mexico Constitution," Justice Edward Chavez wrote in a 31-page opinion. The court, in a unanimous ruling, found no New Mexico law that expressly forbade gay and lesbian couples the right to wed, and said that barring such marriages amounted to unlawful discrimination based on sexual orientation. As a remedy, the court required civil marriage to be construed as "the voluntary union of two persons to the exclusion of all others," regardless of gender." Seems like we're hearing stories about this every week or two now, I bet over half of the states' will legalize it by 2020. if only half of the state's would just legalize it..........
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Good to see some progress