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These Gorillas and Park Rangers Take The Best Selfies

Virunga National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site that is protected by a dedicated team of more than 600 rangers. In the past, this place was deeply impacted by wars and armed conflicts that not only disturb the lives of humans but wildlife animals as well. Gorillas are also poached for many reasons such as food, traditional medicine, and bushmeat trade. Rangers are fighting to protect these poor animals and their incredible bond is clearly visible in the photos.

All of the rangers must undergo intense training since their incredibly dangerous job aims to protect the park’s outstanding wildlife. Please consider donating to the park since every single donation has a huge impact. According to Virunga national park, a single donation of $8 allows them to buy a pair of new boots for the ranger, $32 funds a ranger and their family for an entire day and $150 allows the park to feed an orphan gorilla food and supplements for two weeks.

Having this incredibly dangerous and difficult job is also rewarding since animals show their complete trust for the Rangers, which is clearly seen in the photos.
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