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Here are the TVING ratings - which shows the internet tv ratings in Korea. Really interesting!!! Looks like what is popular in Korea doesn't really ring true outside of Korea... what do you guys think do you agree?
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I watching all and love them but yeah outside Korea the hype is on Big
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rating is important for the broadcasting station not for the show....what's the age segment? if they would rate the site against another Korean drama site, they would be amazed....but they are not interested in you or me liking So JI Sub or Kim Sun Ah, they want to show how good is their investment in one drama or another...
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don't care about ratings... as long as the drama is interesting for me to watch... for me, now it's GHOST
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It's just internet rating
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i think BIG may get shortened from the planned episodes. I've seen it with many shows I liked cause of bad ratings. Ghost and I'do I'do are the only shows i have to watch right away. So far the problem with BIG is I want to see the Kid have his body back and actually be part of the show not just lying in the coma.
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