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Tickets for actor Lee Min Ho’s encore and finale concert for his 2013 ‘My Everything’ global tour, were reported to have been sold out in just 2 minutes. Tickets were sold through ticketing website, Auction, and the website was reportedly swamped by thousands of fans who wanted to get their hands on them. Fans who managed to get their hands on the tickets were noticeably delighted, while others could only lament their fate. Tickets were actually auctioned a day earlier on December 18th for charity. The participation of Lee Min Ho for the special event, led to a large influx of fans swamping the website, and causing it to crash from the overload. But the auction was over in just 43 seconds after service resumed. Thanks to ‘The Heirs’, Lee Min Ho has seen another huge surge in his popularity in Korea and China. Lee Min Ho will be attending the upcoming ‘2013 Baidu The Hottest Awards’ on December 22nd, and will be the only foreign actor present. Besides Lee Min Ho, other stars who will also be in attendance include Jackie Chan, Li Bingbing, Nicky Wu, and Cecilia Liu. Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye and Kim Woo Bin who formed a love triangle with Lee Min Ho in ‘The Heirs’, attended the recent ‘2013 Anhui TV Drama Awards’ on December 18th. They both walked away on the night with the Most Popular Foreign Actor and Actress awards respectively. By: Han Ye Ji