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read here from Weibo Live Talk. <<He is online! he asked if everyone is ready. Says his Chinese is not good, thus have translator around to help him! QN 1: Can see our messges? Ans: Yes, can see very clearly Qn2: Are you in Beijing? When are you coming to beijing? Ans: I am flying to Beijing tomorrow morning qn3: Are you scare of heights? Ans: No. I feel even better when I am standing at a high ground! qn4: What is ur fav drama character that you acted so far Ans: I like all... but since I just ended filming"Kim tan", thus I miss Kim tan the most now. Qn5: I will go to the airport tomorrow. Pls dont go via VIP... It's my 1st time seeing you at the airport, I like u for 5yrs already. Ans: I also wish to faster see you. But must be take note safety first. Cannot fall down if not I throw you away! Qn6: My luck always bad... never get any prize before. Oppa, Pls give me a consolation Ans: Console u ^^ Qn7: Pls do not drink iced water during winter. It's not good for your health. ans: I saw your mgs but I like to drink iced water... qn8: Pls come to ChongQing. There are beautiful scenes and good food. And a group of very passionation minoz waiting for you here ans: Chong Qing Forest!!! Qn9: Tomorrow is my 16yo birthday. It's an impt birthday. Hope that you can wish me. Hope you can notice my mgs... it would be my best present. Ans: Present to you 6 hearts (emotions) Wish you happy birthday ^^ qn10: Oppa, tomorrow wants to eat peking roast goose? Ans: Of course!! LMH Posted: Can you all pls post more fun qns? Something exciting and different and fun Qn11: Do you have a girlfriend? Quick get one and get married. Then can go up the variety show "Dad where are we going?" Ans: I am only 27yo qn12: Did you drink Mocca today? ans: Not yet. qn13: Do you know that you are very handsome!! ans: huh.. no... huh.. yes... huh.. no.... LMH Posted: Sorry, I just went to brush my teeth! Let's restart! continue.... qn14: My ph screen is you. What's on your hp screen? ans: Apple ~ qn15: I am going home already. Dont want to talk to you anymore since you never reply me. Ans: Sorry ~~ "Do I like you?" (The statement in The Heirs) qn16: If you reply me... I will concentrate in my class. Ans: Liar!! qn17: Today shanghai has thick fog. Did you go out? Ans: Thick Fog I still need to go out and have my meals~ Cannot be staying in the hotel ^^ (I think it's fog... or haze) qn18: What is your hp ringtone? Ans: Dont have qn19: If you dont reply, I will use a spoon to hurt you! Ans: I will use chopsticks to counter attack!!! qn20: It's exam time. Pls give me some encouragement ans: "There is no middle" (A statement from "The Heirs") Qn21: I am scare of Cats, my friend is scare of worms. What are you afraid of? Ans: I scare of insects qn22: What do wish to do the most now? Sleep? Ans: I just woke up at 2.50pm! Am I talking in my dreams now? qn23: Likes your smile. pls give "noona" a smile... I am 1years older than you. Ans: only 1yr old is sister? Should be friends~ Qn24: Who will u be during Christmas? Ans: I am still thinking.... Think for half day still don't know answer~ Shall we be together? qn25: Quick answer me... quick answer me. I will be too excited till I die!!! Pls reply. Ans: (No answer) qn26: What's your impression of China Fans? Ans: Very passionate. I am shock qn27: Shouting for "Lee Min Ho" Shouting for "Lee Min Ho" Ans: Continue to shout~~~ Qn28: Pls post a Selca online now? Ans: ok... immediately~~ qn29: What question would you be interested in? ans: How many hairs do you have? qn30: Oppa, where is your pic that your says immediately? Dont need to redo your image. Ans: Wait!! LMH Posted: I am chatting with everyone! qn32: Pls post a selfie.... wear as little as possible Ans: I am not prepared to wear little... Will show you in the movie. qn33: Still cannot see??? Ans: Cannot see qn34: Pls give us a "front view" pic Ans: Later when I have my meal then I take again.... I still have the "not fully awake" look qn35: My hands are tired already... if still dont reply, U will lose fans haha Ans: I help you to massage your hand~~~ qn37: Pls raise your both hands so that I can see you ans: "Put your hands up!!!" (in english) qn36: Oppa dont reply me... I not going to do welll in my exams. ans: Even if I reply you, doesnt mean your results will improve~~ hahaha LMH posted: As I went away to brush teeth just now... so give you all back the 10mins Qn38: What are you going to eat tonite Ans: Nice shanghai food Qn39: I am your fan for many years. Even my boyfriend is jealous. How? hahaha! Ans: It's ok... You are doing very well~ Qn40: Oppa I love you. I am proposing to you Ans: I love you too! (In english) Qn41: You are a Sunshine boy... in this cold weahter, if I can receive your reply, I would be very warm. won't feel cold... Ans: Pls take care of yourself. Dont get a flu. Weather is very cold thus dont go out so often. LMH Posted: I am very happy to be chatting with everyone in this short hour. I will see everyone in 3days time~ Lets everyone be happy together everyday. Careful not to fall sick. Byebye>> Translated by: @mtdt via soompi
Its fun, you can feel Lee Min Ho loves his fan and is being true to himself..i wish he can chat with his fan here in PH..we will love to talk to him...(ahh attention StarhausM)
Thanks for the nice much fun to read :)
how did u chat with him
So cute! Thanks for sharing!