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By Artist Minato Naruto Zero on DeviantART @n3xt After re-watching it from your card, I just had to find something to commemorate them.
@yinofyang have u kept up with the recent manga episodes? it is getting harder and harder not to feel bad for everyone... hell even obito i cannot help but feel like life was just not fair to him
@n3xt They do, it's so true. I've watched it a few times since we've talked about it.
@yinofyang i just saw the image again and i couldnt help but feel the Haku's spirit. His pain and loneliness, especially when Zabuza found him, radiate from this image so well
@n3xt My pleasure. It's probably one of my favorite pieces of fan art for any series. Yes, it definitely does convey a lot in the stillness of their figures. Omg, more pain to relive. (>_<)
have u seen itachi's goodbye? Oh lord that was just too painful to relive -> www.vingle.net/posts/262980
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