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New York City Extends Smoking Ban to E-Cigarettes
New York Health Commissioner stated that more research is needed on electronic cigarettes and that "waiting to act could jeopardize the progress we've made over the last few years." I hate cigarettes and I don't like being around people smoking them but this strikes me as absurd. The research being out is a totally meaningless statement. Just as meaningless as the research "not being out" about the dangers of real cigarettes back when the lobby was more powerful. Its just common sense.
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If we cant smoke e-cigs what are we supposed to smoke
4 years ago·Reply
I think thats the point @woolleymamoth69
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America is a free country, what is with putting unnecessary laws and restrictions on people's lives?
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not kokeyn not heruean sempool end easy to smok somthin soft
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well damn. p.s I don't smoke
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