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Hello peeps! How is everyone doing? I'm back with a new #Fanfiction to kick start the holiday spirit "SEASON’S SPECIAL COLLECTIONS" - This is a one-shot holiday romance series... Indulge into some lighted-hearted romance with your favourite idol. Holiday cupids are working their Miracles this Christmas. 1. "A Christmas Miracle" feat.BTS' Kim Taehyung. I hope this story brings you happiness and love of the holiday season. ----------------- P.S. Please Like and comment your thoughts if you like the story. Feel free to recommend who you want see next in this 'SEASON’S SPECIAL COLLECTIONS' series. Happy holidays!! "Don't tell me you are working on Christmas day again...?" My best friend looks at me with disapproval. "Well yeah, I am. And you know I don't really do the whole Christmas thingy" I shrugged "Lena, you do realised that people will be ok without you working on Christmas right?" "It's more to do with me wanting to work" I said in my defence. "Please please... join my Christmas party this year. It's been 3 years honey. You need to let go and get back to world of living" Liz said thoughtfully. ------------------ Christmas was always something I looked forward to but that was 3 years ago. My favourite holiday became a painful memory when I lost my Matt to an accident. What was more painful was the fact that he was on his way to meet me despite the heavy snowing that day. The very day he was going to propose me. I didn't know until, the police hand over to me the ring which they found in his pocket. Christmas was never the same again. The holiday season became the tough times and I throw myself into work to distract myself from the memory. My family and frens tried to help me move on but I couldn't bring myself to let it go. Liz Park who is my anchor and best friend tried setting me up on dates numerous times with really decent guys but I never felt connected with any of them to actually date them. She finally gave up seeing how pointless it was. My life practically revolved around my work, the little boutique I owned and my little guy Benji. The store was getting busier with the holidays right up the corner. I had to come in most of the time myself as the store was short staffed. "I will try but you know, most of my staffs are off for the holidays. I can't ask them to come in, they know I always cover during the holidays" I told Liz "I know but it wouldn't hurt for you to close early and join my party right?. Honey it would really mean so much to me. I need your support this time. Max's folks will be here this year and you know how picky they can be. I need you..." Liz groan and I could hear the desperation in her voice. "OK OK I will join but I be coming in a little late. Is that OK?" I asked. "YAAAAZz as long as you come, I'm more than happy..." Liz screamed excitingly which had people looking at our direction. I laughed and told her to pip down. "OK now that's settled, I got to run. My little humans will be coming back soon" Liz said as she gets up to give me a hug before rushing out. "I'll see you soon honey, I love you" Liz wave from the door. I waved back and collected my stuffs before heading over to pay. I walked down the snowy path admiring the beautiful Christmas decorations which was all over the streets and buildings. Memories of Matt came rushing but I brush it off telling myself, it really was time to let it go. I reached the store and the girls were almost done for the day. I told them to pack up and leave as the temperature was dropping and I didn't want to them to get stuck in the cold. 30 minutes after the girls left, I decided to close for day and went to put up the "CLOSED" sign when someone pulled the door. I looked up to see a very good looking stranger standing there. I was about to tell him that we were already closing for the day when... "I'm sorry, I know you are closing but it's kinda an emergency, can you please help me out" he smiled pleadingly. I stood there lost for words for few seconds. I have seeing good looking man but this stranger had something about him that caught me off caught... "Well...?" the stranger asked again. I shooked my head..."Of course, please come in" I said stepping aside. He walked in and looked around the store. "I'm not really sure what do get, can you suggest me something good" he asked. "What are you looking for? Anything in particular?" I asked. "Well, I need something appropriate for a formal dinner this weekend" he replied. "You mean for a Christmas dinner"? I asked. "Right, it's Christmas dinner" he nodded. "Oh OK...let me just pick some stuffs and you can let me know if you like it" I replied walking towards the formal section. I selected a couple of stuffs and walked back to show him. "Can you try this on and see if you like it" I said "Sure..." he said taking the cloths from me to try it. I waited for him to come out from the fitting room. After some few minutes, he came out wearing the suit. The bow tie on his hands. "Can you help me with this?" he asked. "Sure" I said a little flustered from how good he looks in the suit. It fitted him perfectly. He had the body and looks of a runway model but I was pretty sure he wasn't one as he came in a business suit and he sure looks like he got out of a long tired meeting. I couldn't help but wonder what he actually does. I took the bow tie from him and found myself struggling on my toes to get the tie on him. He gave a small chuckled and bend down so I could fixed it it comfortably. "There you go" I said looking up and our eyes met. We just stood there looking at eachother until reality hit me and I hurriedly looked away and step aside. "What do you think?" I asked a little nervous. "I love it" the stranger smiled. He had the Sexiest smile and I couldn't help smiling back at him. "Well, I'm glad to hear" I replied. "Do you want to check some more design or you will stick to this?" "No I'm good with this" he replied "OK great, I'll get it packed then" I said collecting the suit from him. "Well, thank you so much for the help and I'm sorry for making you wait" the stranger said as I handed over the bag. "No, No it's alright. I'm glad I could help" I said smiling at him. "Btw, my name is 'Taehyung, Kim Taehyung but all my friends call me V" the stranger said. "Oh...good to meet you V, I'm Lena" I replied extending my hand. "Good to meet you too, Lena" V said giving me warm handshake. Before pushing out of the door, he turned back and said "I really hope to meet you again Lena" I smiled and waved at him "I hope so too, have a good night Mr.Kim" I watched him get into car and drove off. I turn off the lights and finally close the store and walk home which was just in the next lane. My little furry came running to greet me. I picked him up "I miss you too little guy" and gave him a hug. Took a quick shower and prepared dinner with little Benji tailing me everywhere. After dinner we sat down for our favourite show. Benji was snoring in minutes. After the show was over, I tucked Benji in his tiny bed which was right besides mine. I lay down to sleep but I couldn't help thinking of V which really surprised me. It's been a very very long time since I had thoughts of other guys other than Matt. My mind keep going back to the moment when our eyes met and the feeling that it resulted. I had never felt anything like that before for anyone besides Matt. I shooked my head and told myself, the chances of meeting V again was unlikely and moreover a guy like him won't never be single or attracted to me. I told myself to stop having unnecessary thoughts and slowly drifted off to sleep. I woke up to another cold day. The weather seems to get colder each day. There was high chances of roads blockage soon at this rate. I pour myself a hot cup of coffee and looked out of the balcony. The whole street was covered with snow. Little Benji gave a little bark of disapproval. "I know, I know you want to go out there but it's too cold for you to go sweetheart" I told the little guy who was wagging his tail and waiting for me to pick him up. I laughed and scoop him up and let him peep through the window. I called the girls and told them not to come until the New Years as they all stayed a little far away from the store. I didn't want them to get stuck on the way as the roads are most likely to closed with the current rate of snowing. By 10ish I reached the store, the day was hectic with just me managing it but it kept me distracted from unwanted memories. I closed the store early as I had to get groceries and do a quick shopping for Liz dinner party. Liz party was like the party of the year with all the big guys attending it. Liz was married to mayor's only son Max who now owns one of the biggest law firms in the state. I avoided the party all this years coz it reminded me of Matt who I first met at one of Liz's party. But I had promised Liz I would come this time and I couldn't back out now. I caught a taxi to go and check out some dresses at the shops which was down the street. I managed get something I liked and headed to the grocery mart. The last place I expected to bumped into V was at grocery mart but there he was. I hadn't seen him coming towards me as I was busy trying to get something from the top shelves. "Need a hand" Someone chuckled from behind. I turn around to meet the very set of beautiful eyes. My jaw probably dropped seeing him coz I saw V break into huge grin at my reaction. "I'm sorry, I quickly muttered" cringing at the thought of how silly I must have looked. "Hey stranger, good to meet you again" he smiled. "Hey yourself. Didn't expect to meet you again and definitely not here" I blurt out. He laughed, "I love cooking so you'll probably find me hanging around here time to time" He picked the item off the top shelf and gave it to me. "Do you need more stuffs up there?" "No and thanks for this" I said "Are you done or you have more things to grab?" V asked. "Nope...I'm done. Just need to pay" I replied quickly. "OK let's go" V said pushing my cart. "Oh I can do that myself..." I said trying to take over the cart. "No worries, com'n it's getting too cold. Let's get this done and get you home" I didn't know how to react to it so I followed him to the counter to pay. V collected my stuffs and headed out.  "Wait, where are you going?" I asked confused.  "To my car...I'll drop you" he said simply like it was the most natural thing in the world.  "What? No no's OK. I can just grab a cab and get home. It's not far from here" I said hurriedly.  "Hey hey...let me do this. It's my second day of Christmas". V laughed.  "Really? You don't seem that sentimental type" I replied.  "Huh! What kind of guy do I look like, Lena" V asked amused raising his eyebrows.  "Well...I don't know but you just don't seem the sentimental kind" I shrugged. "Anywho, I'm really OK. You don't need to drop me home. I'm a big girl and I can get myself home" I laughed.  "Let's just say it's for inconveniencing you last night" V said smiling and giving me the puppy face "Gwad...don't pull that on me" I laughed. "For starters I don't know, know you. You could be a serial killer or something ya know" I teased.  "Well, I guess you will have to find that out missy. Would you take a chance on me?" V asked grinning.  "Hmmmm...can't say no to that smile, can I?" I asked.  "You tell me" and gave me another heart melting smile again.  "OK OK you got me, lets go" I laughed.  Took us about 10 mins to get to my place. I asked him if he wanted to come up for a quick coffee. It was the least I can do. He helped me carring the stuffs up.  "You have a nice place" V commented as I usher him in.  "Why...thank you" It's my old family home actually. My folks moved to a different city. So it's just me and my little guy". That very moment, little Benji came running.  "There's my little guy" I cooed as I picked him up for a hug. "Here, meet my new friend V" I said waving his tiny paw.  "Hey little fella...good to meet you" V said shaking his tiny paw. "Looking after your mama well eh?" he laughed.  To my surprise, little Benji seems to give V a pass coz normally, he was the possessive one especially around male folks. I looked at him and asked if likes dogs and he told me he was big fan of dogs. I thought, well that scores brownie points in my book. " want coffee or hot cocoa?" I asked "Cocoa will do" V responded still busy playing with Benji.  B enji seems to be happy to have someone new to play with. I smiled and went to make the hot cocoa. We talked as we drank the hot cocoa. V said, he had recently moved to the neighbourhood for sometime due to work. I never really asked what exactly he does. It was really not my business and its not like I'll be seeing him again. "Well, I gotta rush. Have some work to catch up before Christmas. Thank you for the lovely drink" he smiled. "No...thank you. You were a big help. Thanks for dropping me and helping we the groceries" I replied. "Anytime...well then. I hope to see you again" V said as Benji and I saw him off. "I hope so too" I waved. The week went by without any sign of the him and Liz's big party was tonight. The snowing had gotten heavier and I dreaded the thought of going out in this weather. I shut the store early so I could go home and prepare myself for the party. Benji was there as usual giving the warmest welcome. "Sweetheart, I wish I could take you too but I can't" I looked at his little torn face of disappointment. "I know, I know but I promise to be back home soon and we can have our own special time" I laughed rubbing his fluffy ear. That seems to pleased the little guy. I went in for a quick shower and got dressed. I had bought a simple red dress keeping in mind the color of Christmas. 30 mins and I was on my way down to Liz's place. As I reached, I couldn't help admiring the beautiful house which was now lighted up with lights. I walked in and the place was already buzzing with people. Liz saw me and rush over to give me a hug. "Honey, I'm so glad to you could make it. This means a lot to me" Liz said. "I'm happy to be here and the place looks great. Love your Christmas decorations. You never fail to impress me lady" I replied still awestruck at the beautiful set up. "You flatter me!" Liz laughed. "OK...let go and meet my folks. They have been asking about you" We went over to meet Liz parents and her in-laws. "Lena dear, its been a while. We're so glad you could make it this year" Mrs Park said giving me a hug. She asked me about my work and my folks. We talk for sometime and then Liz pulled me out saying she was going to introduce me to someone. "Liz, please don't tell me, this was your plan all along" I sighed. "Trust me Lena, you won't be disappointed. Good that I'm happily married to love of my life else, I would have taken him myself" Liz laugh. "Really! This dude must be really something to impress my best friend this much. I'm really curious now" I said laughing. "Just wait and yeah you can thank me later" Liz flipped her hair. "There they are..." Liz said point at Max who was talking with a guy. He had his back was on us so I couldn't really see his but he looked familiar. He certainly stand out from the rest of crowd for sure,  I thought. Wait, that suit looks familiar. Max saw us coming and he came ovet and gave me a hug. "Lena! So good to see you..." Max said and then turn to the stranger who was beside him. "Meet Taehyung, Kim Taehyung. He is the new CEO of Hit Entertainment branch here and also our newest client" "Nice to meet you again Lena" he said giving that boyish smile. "Wait! You guys met already??" Liz asked surprised and giving me that girl-you-and-I-need-to-talk look!! "Well...yeah about a week ago, twice actually. He came into my store the first time and then I bumped into him the next day at the mart" I said skipping the hot cocoa part coz I knew Liz would go hyper over it. "Well, third time is a charmer they say" Liz winked. Everyone laughed. We sat down and talked. That's when I came to know about V's work and his company which was supposedly one of the biggest upcoming entertainment companies in South Korea... The party was going great and everyone seems to be having a good time. The live music was pretty awesome and many had gone to the dance floor to dance. Beautiful couples everywhere which could have made an awkward scene in my case. Thankfully, V stuck around and kept me company. I felt bad for him, it was like he was stuck with me for courtesy sake. I noticed a number of young ladies eyeing him since he got here. "You know, you don't have to stick around with me right?" I told V. "Go and mingle, I'm sure the ladies out there would love your company" "Why? Are you trying to get rid of me now?" V asked looking at me. "What! No no...don't get me wrong. I love your company. I'm just saying you can always go and joined other ya know" I replied. "Well, I good here" V smiled. "Hmmmm...would you join me for a dance?" "I'm not great at..." before I could complete my sentence. Someone came over, "Mine if I steal him away for a dance?" The girl asked. "Of course, you don't need to asked me. We're not together" I smiled. "Please go ahead" I said. V gave me a strange look before getting up and following the girl to the dance floor. I watch the pair dance and it didn't sit well with me how the girl had her hands around V neck. "Not liking what you see?" Liz said. I jumped, caught by her sudden appearance. ", why would it I?" I said quickly. "Then why is your face all grim watching them?" Liz asked. "I did not" "Oh yes you did!. You didn't even notice me coming over" Liz said laughing. "Ok...maybe I was a little" I said admitting it. "But its crazy, why would I, right?" "Well maybe, you kinda like him?" Liz peered at me. "Of course not...we just met psst!" I exclaimed "Technically, this is your third time meeting and I say it's fate" Liz said thoughtfully "Honey...its OK for you to like someone. I know you loved Matt but he is no more and I'm sure he would want you to find someone to love and be happy" "Well....I hope so too" I said sadly "But I don't think it's with him" I said looking at V's direction. "He won't be here for long and let's be realistic, he's on another level. Look at him and to top that, our lives are too different" I shrugged. "Love doesn't have a timeline. It can happen to anyone, anytime. It could be a day, months or years but when you meet that one person you are meant to be, it will strike you before you even realised it" Liz said. "Give it a chance and don't close yourself to the feelings" I smiled and gave Liz a hug "Thank you. I don't know what I do without you" "Don't get teary on me now lady. People will think I'm being mean to you" Liz teased. We laughed and toast to our friendship. "Care for a dance with me?" I looked up to see V standing beside me. "ahhmmm...of course!" I said taking his hand. "Excuse me for a bit" I said to Liz. She have me the biggest grin and nodded her head. When I turned back, she gave me a thumbs-up and mouthed 'go get him'. I rolled my eyes and followed V to dance floor. The floor was a little crowded. So V pulled me closer and we slowly swing to 'It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas'. "I told you I'm bad a this" I whispered when I stumbled a little. "Don't worry sweetheart, you can stumble anytime. I'm here" he said pulling me closer. I looked up and smile. I found myself relaxing and enjoying the dance when suddenly, the lights went out and I heard Liz voice. "Ladies and gentlemen...thank you for joining me and my family tonight. We have a special surprise for everyone" Slowly, beautiful glimmering lights began to appear from the ceiling and the spot where we stood had a gaint Miseltoe above. I stared at it and frozed. "Looks like we found the lucky couple tonite!" Liz said grinning. I looked at her suspiciously and all she did was give me that stupid grin. People around us cheered. "Wait, what is going on?" I looked to V confused. "I guess we are supposed to Kiss, it's a tradition right!" V said grinning and before I could react, he bend down and kissed me. It was a gentle kiss at first, then he slowly deepend the kiss like he was trying to give me assurance, a promise. I heard someone say "they make such a lovely couple"  I looked up and saw V smiling. I guess he too heard the comment. He didn't let me go and ask if we can step out for sometime as the dance floor was filling up again. I nodded and he guided me out of the dance floor. We came out to what looks like a garden which was decorated with lights. There seems to be no one around. It was a little chilly, so I hugged myself.  "Thank you for the beautiful time" I said turning to V. "It's been a while since I had a good time" I smiled. "I'm glad, I did too" V smiled. Then he step closer and said "I know we haven't gotten to know eachother well but I feel like I have known you all along" I just stood there looking at him saying nothing. "What I meant was, I really like you...I can't stop thinking about you since the first time I saw you. I know it sounds cliche, but it true..." I said nothing "Hmmm...I don't mean to scared you away. Look I'm not rushing anything. Its just that I want to get to know you more. Of course that is, if you want to..." I started to smile "I'm really doing a poor job in this, am I?" V asked seeing my expression. I smiled and tip toe up and kissed him. V looked at me surprised and relieved at the same time. "I would love to get to know you more and yes, I think I do like you very much" I smiled. Before I knew it, V picked me up and twirled. I laughed and kissed him again. He slowly puts me down, not letting me go, he said "I love you Lena". I looked at him and taking a leap of faith said "I love you too mister". He smiled and leaned over and kissed me softly. I knew then, I had my Christmas miracle right here. I sent a silent thank you to Matt for looking over me all this time. Now it's time let him go.... "Let's go inside, I don't want Liz and Max thinking we abandoned their party" V said. "Yep, let's go in" I replied. V put his arms around me and we walk inside. Somewhere inside, "I knew they were meant for eachother" Liz smiled as she lean her head on her husband's shoulder watching Lena and V from the window. "It's a Christmas miracle..." Max replied. He leaned over and kiss his beautiful wife."I love you honey. You were my Christmas miracle too"  ------------------------ "Too bad, you have to let go all the beautiful ladies here" I teased. "Nope I have the one I want right here" V said pulling me to the dance floor. "I saved my last dance for you" he whispered. I knew exactly why I felt for this man.... Happy Holidays everyone!! --------------- Author note: Thanks for checking my story. Of you like it, please VOTE and Comment your thoughts. Also, suggest who you want to read about in the next story. Thanks again! Xoxo ❤️
마블 <캡틴 마블> 새로운 예고편 공개
내년 3월 개봉 예정. 마블 시네마틱 유니버스(이하 MCU)의 첫 번째 여성 히어로 솔로무비 <캡틴 마블>이 티저 영상과 포스터로 한 꺼풀 베일을 벗은 가운데, 트레일러가 공개된 첫날 하루 내 조회수가 마블 역대 4위를 기록했다. 동시간대에 <블랙 팬서>보다 2천만 건 더 많은 수치인 총 1억 900만 뷰를 훌쩍 넘기며 뜨거운 반응을 보이고 있는 것. 역대 마블 신기록을 경신했던 <캡틴 아메리카: 시빌워>의 위력을 능가한다. <캡틴 마블>은 MCU의 새 발판인 10년을 여는 분기점이자, <어벤져스: 인피니티 워> 쿠키 영상의 주인공이기도 하다. 캐롤 댄버스가 닉 퓨리를 만나 마블 시네마틱 유니버스 사상 가장 강력한 히어로 캡틴 마블로 거듭나는 이야기를 그리며, 영상에서는 우주 침공과 대규모 추격전 등 ‘범우주’ 스케일의 사건들이 줄줄이 예고돼 팬들의 손에 땀을 쥐게 한다. 영화 속에서 브리 라슨(Brie Larson)은 얼마나 강한 모습으로 등장할까. 위 트레일러 영상을 통해 미리 들여다보자.  업데이트 첫 티저에 이어 <캡틴 마블>의 새로운 예고편이 공개됐다. 전 영상에는 쉴드 국장인 닉 퓨리의 일반 요원 시절 모습과 함께 90년대 향수가 담겼다면, 2차에는 공군 장교 시절의 캐롤 댄버스와 캡틴 마블이 된 이후 모습이 자세히 그려진 하이라이트. 첫 예고편이 공개될시 케빈 파이기(Kevin Feige)은 “그녀는 우리가 지금까지 소개한 어떤 캐릭터보다 강합니다. 이번 예고편에서 닉 퓨리가 캡틴 마블을 원하는 이유를 알 수 있을 것”이라고 언급해 영화에 더욱 기대를 모은다. 2019년 3월 개봉 예정. 더 자세한 내용은 <아이즈매거진> 링크에서
영화 '셰이프 오브 워터' 리뷰
사랑의 형태는, 당신과 나의 마음과 닮아 있다 (스포일러가 없습니다) 기예르모 델 토로 감독이 <퍼시픽 림>(2013)보다도 2년이나 앞서 기획하기 시작한 (그는 어릴 때 본 <The Creature From The Black Lagoon>(1954)에서 영감을 얻었다고 밝히기도 했다.) <셰이프 오브 워터: 사랑의 모양>(원제: The Shape of Water)은 사실상 제목만으로 관람 전에도 영화의 주제의식에 관해서는 거의 모든 것을 함축하고 있을 만큼 그의 전작들에 비해서는 쉽고 친절한 영화다. 게다가 인간과 인간이 아닌 생명체의 교감 혹은 사랑 이야기는 국적과 규모를 가리지 않고 많은 영화와 소설 등의 매체를 통해 다뤄져 왔기에 새롭지 않으며, 영화 속에 심어진 상징들도 비교적 직접적이고 명확하다. 영화의 배경은 1960년대 초 미국 남부 앨라배마 주의 한 비밀 연구소. 미국과 소련의 우주개발 경쟁이 한창이던 때다. 주인공인 ‘엘라이자’(샐리 호킨스)는 이 연구소에서 청소부로 일하며 들을 수는 있지만 말을 하지 못한다. 이 연구소에 남미에서 잡아온 괴생명체가 오게 되면서 본격적인 이야기가 펼쳐진다. <셰이프 오브 워터: 사랑의 모양>이 제90회 아카데미 시상식에서 작품상과 감독상, 각본상, 여우주연상, 음악상 등을 포함한 13개 부문에 후보로 오른 건 다분히 진보적인 할리우드의 성향에 걸맞는 작품이기 때문일 것이다. 멕시코인 감독이 냉전 시대의 미국을 배경으로 만든 소수자들의 사랑 이야기, 대충 이렇게만 요약해도 이 영화를 관객에게 어느 정도 납득시키기에 무리는 아니다. 다만 이 아름다운 영화의 시대적 배경과 캐릭터, 프로덕션, 각본 등에 대해서는 얼마든지 살펴봐도 부족하지 않다. 다양성과 인간애에 대한 존중이 결여되고 정치와 권력의 논리가 세상을 지배하던 시기를 이 영화는 다분히 향수와 애착이 가득한 시선으로 담는다. 존 F. 케네디 대통령이 생존해 있었던 시기이기 때문일 것이다. 고전 영화가 상영되는 극장(이 극장의 촬영 로케이션은 캐나다 토론토에 있는 ‘Elgin Theatre’로, 공교롭게도 <셰이프 오브 워터: 사랑의 모양>는 토론토국제영화제 때 이곳에서 상영되었다. 이 묘한 조화란!) 위층에 자리한 아파트에 사는 인물을 주인공으로, 절제되어 있지만 음반과 차량 등 당시의 문화적, 사회적 양식을 충실하게 구현한다. ‘엘라이자’는 말을 할 수 없고 주변인, 특히 연구소 내 권력층에게는 일정 부분 억눌려 있는 인물처럼 보이지만 뚜렷한 예술적 취향을 갖고 있으며 영화는 그녀를 성적 시선으로 바라보지 않으면서도 몇 개의 상징적 신을 통해 그녀의 육체적 욕망을 스스럼없이 보여준다. 특히 중요한 순간마다 ‘엘라이자’는 자신의 언어를 상대에게 명확하고 뚜렷하게 전달한다. 그녀와 생명체(크레딧에서는 ‘Amphibian Man’, 즉 양서류 인간 정도로 표기된다. 여기서는 편의상 ‘그’라고 표기해보도록 한다.)의 사랑은 힘과 효율, 기능의 가치로 인간을 대상화하던 이들 사이에서 표면적 언어로 드러나지 않는 상대의 마음을 비언어적 소통으로 헤아리며 발전한다는 점에서 영화가 목표한 바를 뛰어나게 달성한다. 게다가 말을 하지 못하는 인물을 연기한 샐리 호킨스의 연기는 ‘그’의 행동에 대한 리액션을 표정만으로 생생하게 담는다. 감독의 타 영화에서 그러했던 것처럼 ‘그’는 눈꺼풀을 제외하면 컴퓨터 그래픽의 도움 없이 (더그 존스가 수트를 입고 연기한) 아날로그적인 크리처로 조금의 이질감도 없이 매력적인 캐릭터가 된다. 자연스럽게 이들의 사랑은 물과 땅에서 모두 호흡 가능한 ‘그’를 우주개발 연구 목적으로 해부하려는 이들에 의해 위기에 처하고, ‘엘라이자’는 기꺼이 ‘그’를 연구소에서 구출하기로 마음먹는다. 여기서 옆집에 사는 ‘자일스’(리차드 젠킨스)에게 “나도 말을 못하는데, 그처럼 나도 괴물이에요?”라며 화를 내는 장면이 특히 인상적이다. 긴박감 있게 펼쳐지는 이 ‘구출 작전’에서 중요한 것은 ‘그’를 사랑하게 된 ‘엘라이자’의 마음이 아니라 그녀를 도와주는 주변 인물들의 공조다. ‘호프스테들러 박사’(마이클 스털버그)는 연구소 내 핵심 인물 중 유일하게 ‘그’를 생명체로 여기는 인물이며, ‘자일스’는 동성애자, ‘엘라이자’의 동료 청소부 ‘젤다’(옥타비아 스펜서)는 흑인이다. 마음을 진정으로 모은 인물들의 연대는 어느 영화에서든 아름답다. 이 영화를 ‘그로테스크한 사랑 이야기’라고 무심코 요약하려다, 앞의 다섯 글자를 지우기로 한다. 사랑 이야기, 혹은 한 사랑 이야기. 사랑은 그 자체만으로 모든 것을 이겨낼 수 있다는 어쩌면 헛된 희망을 품지 않고 현실을 직시할 줄 아는, 그럼에도 황홀한 판타지 영화다. 형태가 없는 사랑은 그것을 대하는 이들이 지닌 마음의 그릇의 모양과 용량만큼 형성된다. 영화의 처음과 마지막을 내레이션으로 열고 닫는 '자일스'의 목소리에 등장하는 시구가 하나 있는데, 나는 그 시의 출처를 찾으려다가 그만 멈췄다. 누가 쓴 시인지보다 그 내용이 더 중요할 것이다. "Unable to perceive the shape of you, I find you all around me. Your presence fills my eyes, with your love. You've humbled my heart, for you are everywhere."  사랑은 추상적 관념이기에 그 형태가 없지만, 사랑을 대하는 당신과 나의 마음만큼의 형태로 이 세상을 담는다. (★ 9/10점.) <셰이프 오브 워터: 사랑의 모양>(The Shape of Water, 2017), 기예르모 델 토로 2018년 2월 22일 (국내) 개봉, 123분, 청소년 관람불가. 출연: 샐리 호킨스, 리차드 젠킨스, 마이클 섀넌, 옥타비아 스펜서, 마이클 스털버그, 더그 존스 등. 수입/배급: 이십세기폭스코리아(주)
기생충과는 다르다, '알라딘' 영화 솔직후기/리뷰/해설/쿠키영상 [5분영화겉핥기]
안녕하세요! 재리입니다. 이제 내일이면 종강이네요! 드디어 밀려뒀던 포스팅과 편집을 할 수 있을 거 같습니다. 이제는 바로바로 영화는 후기쓸게요~ 토이스토리는 바로 개봉날 보고 올 예정입니다. (기대해주세욧) 오늘의 영화는 윌 스미스 하드캐리, 영화 '알라딘'입니다. 우와 정말 너무하긴 하네요, 5월달 영화를 이제서야 포스팅하다니요! 그래도 혹여나 궁금하신 분들을 위해뒤늦게나마 포스팅을 올리겠습니다. 기생충과는 다르다 일단 단연 돋보이는 점은 한국영화 '기생충'과의 차별점입니다. 기생충의 주제는 이전 포스팅에서도 꽤 자세히 말씀드렸지만 자신의 분수를 알아라는 말로 해석됩니다. 계층간 이동은 꿈에서나 가능하고 감히 선을 넘으려 한다면 비극적인 결말을 맞이해야만 하죠. 이는 영화 속 계단 하나 올라가는 것조차 어려운 부분에서 극명하게 보였습니다. 그런데 알라딘은 그렇지 않습니다. 오히려 자신의 분수를 당당히 보여주라고 얘기하죠. 그리고 계급은 중요하지 않고 진흙 속 숨겨진 보석 같은 인성만 있다면 얼마든지 꿈을 이룰 수 있다고 말하고 있습니다. 동화라는 특성상 당연히 긍정적인 견해를 품고 있기 때문입니다. 아마 기생충에서 받은 충격이 크신 분들이라면 알라딘을 통해 희망을 충전하시는 걸 추천드립니다. 너의 가치를 믿어 알라딘의 주제는 이것입니다. '너의 가치를 믿어' 너무나 상투적이고 뻔한 말이지만 그만큼 언제나 강조됐던 교훈이기도 하죠. 자신을 잃어가고 다른 사람의 시선에 신경쓰며 살아가는 현대인들에게는 더욱더 따뜻한 말입니다. 그리고 지니의 말 한 마디 한 마디가 참 좋았습니다. 자신을 감추려는 알라딘에게 '거짓된 자신이 얻는 게 많을수록 진실된 자신이 얻는 건 줄어들어'라고 말할 때가 유독 인상 깊네요. 우리가 디즈니를 사랑하고 몇 번이고 읽었던 동화를 실사를 통해 굳이 또 만나고 싶은 이유는 화려해진 볼거리와 거대한 스케일뿐만 아니라 잊고 있었던 가치를 곱씹고 싶어서가 아닐까 생각합니다. 윌 스미스 하드캐리 다시 이 영화를 보고 싶어진다면 그건 분명 윌 스미스 때문입니다. 정말 캐릭터 싱크로율도 좋고 매력이 철철 넘칩니다. 내가 그동안 왜 윌 스미스라는 배우를 좋아했을까 생각이 들었는데 알라딘을 통해 다시금 확신이 들었습니다. 그는 범접할 수 없는 자신의 연기영역이 있습니다. 공감과 감동을 잘 이끌어내는 배우라고 말하고 싶습니다. 특히나 알라딘을 왕자로 만들어 아라비안을 횡진하는 퍼포먼스는 영화 통틀어 가장 좋았습니다. 윌스미스의 존재감, 화려한 퍼포먼스, 귀 호강하는 노래는 알면서도 당하는 디즈니식 매력발산입니다. 쿠키영상마저 퍼포먼스처럼 쿠키영상은 공식적으로 없다고 봅니다. 하지만 영화가 끝나도 즐거운 댄스파티는 계속됩니다. 엔딩크레딧이 시작하기 전 모든 배우들이 총출동해 한바탕 신나는 퍼포먼스를 보여주죠. 기나긴 아라비안 나이트를 모험하신 관객들에게 마지막까지 선물을 톡톡히 챙겨줍니다. 물론 알라딘이라는 원작에 지나치게 충실하다는 면이 강하긴 합니다. 안정적이라는 말도 좋지만 지나치게 변주를 주기보다 오히려 기대만큼 동심을 일깨워준 시간이었다고 생각합니다. 그리고 알라딘을 보고 나오시면 당분간은 OST를 흥얼거릴지도 모릅니다. 노래가 너무 좋거든요! 어 홀~뉴 월드~ 영화 '알라딘'이었습니다.