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My Favorite K-Drama OST Songs

Here are a few of my favorite Korean Drama original sound track songs!

O3ohn/Hajin - Somewhere

Drama: The Guest
(There are two versions in this video, one by o3ohn and the other by Hajin)

Gaho - Time

Drama: Time

Bonggu - Get Away

Drama: Still 17

J-Min - Stand Up

Drama: To The Beautiful You

Key + Doyoung - Cool

Drama: 38 Task Force

Kebee - Watchman of Dawn

Drama: Lookout (The Guardians)

Damiano Ft. Jenyer - Amen

Drama: Lookout (The Guardians)

NiiHWA - What I Want

Drama: Mad Dog

Temperature of Saying "Hi" Ft. Moha - Star, Bye Flower

Drama: Age of Youth 2 (Hello My Twenties 2)

Drain - Day Like To Day

Drama: Age of Youth 2 (Hello My Twenties 2)

N - The Edge

Drama: Children of Nobody (Red Moon, Blue Sea)

Haebin - Since Then

Drama: Children of Nobody (Red Moon, Blue Sea)

Min Kyunghoon - Forever Love

Drama: Kill It (Blue Eyes)

Kim Bokyung - You, Like, Me

Drama: Kill It (Blue Eyes)

Gain - Kiss or Kill

Drama: Missing 9

Hui, Jinho, Wooseok - How Can I Do

Drama: Laughter In Waikiki 2 (Eulachacha Waikiki 2)

Jinho, Hui, Kino - Miss U

Drama: On The Campus


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