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Why Kelly Slater Is The Greatest Athlete In The World
I’ll start with the most undeniable pieces of evidence, the numbers behind the talent. Eleven world titles, setting both records for youngest (19) and oldest (39) to win a championship. Five of these world titles were in consecutive years from 1994-1998. Those numbers alone distinguish him from any other athlete in both individual and team sports. To be fair, lets see how Kelly’s opponents match up... Kelly Slater: 11 World Titles – 5 consecutive – 56 career victories (50 WCT) Michael Jordan: 6 NBA Championships – 3 consecutive – Arguably the best offensive and defensive (behind Bill Russell) player to play in the NBA Muhammed Ali: 3 Time Heavyweight Champion – 56 victories Michael Phelps: 13 Gold Medals – 26 World Championship Gold Medals Babe Ruth: 7 Time World Series Champion, 2 Time All-Star Wayne Gretzky: 4 Stanley Cups, Leading Scorer in NHL History Jim Thorpe: 2 Olympic Gold Medals Pentathalon/Decathalon, College + NFL Hall of Famer
he has far less competition. he is beating out less people for sure
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Do you follow surfing? The competition is amazing and better than ever before. And he's 40.
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is this brody from homeland?
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Nope it's kelly "the playa hater" slater
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