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I’ll start with the most undeniable pieces of evidence, the numbers behind the talent. Eleven world titles, setting both records for youngest (19) and oldest (39) to win a championship. Five of these world titles were in consecutive years from 1994-1998. Those numbers alone distinguish him from any other athlete in both individual and team sports. To be fair, lets see how Kelly’s opponents match up... Kelly Slater: 11 World Titles – 5 consecutive – 56 career victories (50 WCT) Michael Jordan: 6 NBA Championships – 3 consecutive – Arguably the best offensive and defensive (behind Bill Russell) player to play in the NBA Muhammed Ali: 3 Time Heavyweight Champion – 56 victories Michael Phelps: 13 Gold Medals – 26 World Championship Gold Medals Babe Ruth: 7 Time World Series Champion, 2 Time All-Star Wayne Gretzky: 4 Stanley Cups, Leading Scorer in NHL History Jim Thorpe: 2 Olympic Gold Medals Pentathalon/Decathalon, College + NFL Hall of Famer
he has far less competition. he is beating out less people for sure
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Do you follow surfing? The competition is amazing and better than ever before. And he's 40.
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is this brody from homeland?
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Nope it's kelly "the playa hater" slater
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