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<셔터 아일랜드>, 2010 & 구스타프 클림트 <키스>, 1907-1908 인스타 둘러보기에 명화를 오마주한 영화 포스트가 뜨길래 다른거 뭐 있을까 싶어서 찾아봤음 틀린 정보 있을수도 있음!!  (여기저기서 검색해서 모았읍니다) 음악 같이 들어줬으면 좋겠당,,  <멜랑콜리아>, 2011 & 존 에버렛 밀레이 <오필리아>, 1851-1852 <인히어런트 바이스>, 2014 & 레오나르도 다 빈치 <최후의 만찬>, 1495-1498 <덩케르크>, 2017 & 카스파르 다비드 프리히 <안개 바다 위의 방랑자>, 1818  <문라이트>, 2016  & 르네 마그리트 <이브닝 드레스/Robe de soirée>, 1955 <미드소마>, 2019 & Annie Louisa Swynnerton <Head of a Bacchante>, 1903 <이창>, 1954 & 에드워드 호퍼 <밤의 창문>, 1928 <비바리움>, 2019  & 르네 마그리트 <빛의 제국>, 1953-1954 <매드 맥스: 분노의 도로>, 2015 & 살바도르 달리 <코끼리>, 1948 <어바웃 슈미트>, 2002 & 자크 루이 다비드 <마라의 죽음>, 1793 <트루먼 쇼>, 1998 & 르네 마그리트 <Architecture au clair de lune>, 1956 <시계태엽 오렌지>, 1971 & 빈센트 반 고흐 <죄수들의 원형 보행>, 1890  <장고: 분노의 추적자>, 2012 & 토마스 게인즈버러 <파란 옷을 입은 소년>, 1770 <하늘에서 떨어지는 행운>, 1981 & 에드워드 호퍼 <밤샘하는 사람들>, 1942  출처ㅣ소울드레서
Christopher Wool
Best known for his paintings of large, black, stenciled letters on white canvases In Christopher Wool's initial vocation, he detected a white truck vandalized by the shower painted words "sex" and "Luv." The obvious straightforwardness of the picture stayed with him for the following 15 years. Fleece started making high-contrast artworks canvassed in stenciled phrases, looking to mirror the pressure and distress of the 1980s and 90s. Fleece's name is presently recorded close by other Pop and Postmodern craftsmen who moved the New York workmanship world. He stays dynamic today, contributing his unpropitious canvases to discussions around recent developments. Fleece got his schooling at Sarah Lawrence College and the New York Studio School. It was not until he started making the stenciled word works of art, notwithstanding, that he found a genuine window into the contemporary craftsmanship world. Still, his most popular works, the difficult-to-understand words, short expressions, and full sentences were splash painted on sheets of aluminum. Expressions, for example, "RUN DOG RUN" and "Felines IN BAG BAGS IN RIVER" showed up much of the time during this period. There were few christopher wool prints presented in the auction by Phillips in the Evening & Day Auction Sale held in London on 10 September 2020. "At the point when I originally saw his assertion works of art, I figured: I can't accept what they're pulling off nowadays," says Richard Hell, a troublemaker artist, author, and now companion to the craftsman. This demeanor is repeated by numerous individuals of Wool's faultfinders. Nonetheless, his specialty is purposeful, intended to bring out an idea and passionate reactions in the watcher. The course of action of the letters is expected to undermine ordinary understanding and discernment. The jargon is intentionally angry. One of Wool's most remarkable pieces from this period is Apocalypse Now, a 1988 artwork on aluminum enlivened by the Francis Ford Coppola film of a similar name. It peruses "SELL THE HOUSE SELL THE CAR SELL THE KIDS," a line straightforwardly drawn from an urgent scene in the film. Estimating seven feet tall by six feet wide, it sold at Christie's in 2013. Offering crossed the artistic creation's high gauge of USD 20 million preceding coming to $26.5 million. Around the turn of the thousand years, Wool moved the course of his craft. He worked his way into full reflection, painting and repainting layers before scratching them off or concealing them. The prevalently dim pieces "appeared to shun the feeling of a human hand delivering them," Richard Hell later wrote in a publication for Gagosian Gallery. Traces of pink show up in Wool's later works of art. From 2014 is a bunch of six lithographs made in this style, accessible in the forthcoming deal. Each print is focused on a splatter of dim paint that covers the white and dark underneath. They are together offered with a gauge of GBP 12,000 to 18,000 (USD 16,000 – 24,000). His craft has discovered numerous reliable authorities in the course of the most recent 30 years. The record set up by Wool's Apocalypse Now painting in 2013 was broken two years after the fact when Sotheby's sold an untitled work that peruses "Uproar" for $29.9 million. Because of the craftsman's numerous lithographs and prints, nonetheless, his normal work of art is estimated somewhere in the range of $10,000 and $50,000. Interest in Wool arrived at its tallness in 2013, supported by the achievement of a significant review at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. Know more about similar auctions and biddings from the auction calendar of AuctionDaily. Fleece keeps on making craftsmanship that remarks on the mindset of the world. As of late, he made an extraordinary release cover for Document Journal's Spring/Summer 2020 issue. Showing a dim, vague structure underneath an obvious dark clinical cross, the piece is a reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. The obvious disorder and negativity in Wool's specialty may reverberate with the current circumstance, however, there is a note of expectation under. "Despite all the consideration paid to craftsmanship at this moment, you could undoubtedly contend that it's dead, as well," he has said about his work. "Yet, craftsmanship's not dead." Media Source: AuctionDaily.