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Jung Woo or Lee Jong Seok … First Look could have picked either one to be ”Man of the Year,” but it is Kim Woo Bin who’s given that title. Yes! Maybe it was his performance in Heirs that clinched the choice ;) Doesn’t he look very “Vampire Idol” in these spreads? ;)
@dramacrazy i totally agree with you … i really do not appreciate it when these young men and women light up… they are sending the wrong message to the youth who idolize them … i honestly wish they would stop … he really will be a force to contend with as he is an amazing actor … :D
Thanks to heirs portrayed kim woo bin. Perfect
@divalycious, I think his performance in Heirs cinched the deal. He does indeed look very "vamparish", although they could have done away the cigar. He is a young man who teenagers look up to and admire/love ( I think) him posing with a half smoked cigarette is promoting "smoking is cool". People wake up! Smoking is dangerous. It kills you and the people around you..... Just a thought:)