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Kids That Had The Perfect Mothers Day Gifts

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What Are The Ridiculous Reasons Why These Kids Are Crying?
If you've ever babysat, parented, or pretty much existed within the general vicinity of a child for more than two minutes, you probably know that babies cry for the most nonsensical reasons. So do parents using Snapchat, who take that 24/7 baby-documenting that social media moms and dads are notorious for to a whole new level. They take a picture of their kid crying, they caption it with exactly WHY they're crying, share the picture, and boom. Instant hilarity. This is why people get convinced that babies and drunk adults are the same. Hey, you've got to let them teethe somehow, right? To be fair, waiting for freshly baked things to cool down is pretty much the worst. If it's a single-digit AM number, I'd be like this too. Imagine all the possibilities if you COULD though. He's not REALLY bad. Just a little misunderstood, right? Cue that 'Game Of Thrones' chant: "Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame!" It's okay. She's going to be grateful she didn't when she's older. I'd probably collapse on the floor too. The freakin' PRESIDENT! Hey, it doesn't mean he can't be upset! I feel like a LOT of little girls think they can marry their dads. I know some grown men that would cry because of this too. I appreciate how easy it is to entertain kids. "Here's a tampon." I like that he's all ready with his little fork too. Okay, but this picture actually made me want a pet lobster. Go away, brother! You're ruining the ambiance! This girl just needs to grab control of her life. AND her fork for that matter. So have you been around a little one who cried for stupid reasons? Or maybe YOU were that little one? I know my dad always reminded me of the first time he shaved off his mustache. I cried for hours because he didn't look like my dad anymore! @VIPFreak2NE1 @YumiMiyazaki @TurtleyTurtles @AlexTalley @atmi @CelinaGonzalez @iixel @humairaa @LysetteMartinez @drummergirl691 @ZoilaObregon @AnimeFan4Evr @SarahRegulski @poeticandfunny @tokyo514 @Outcastname @RachelParker @FrankilliMambo @EasternShell @supbroscene @Baoyi @VeronicaArtino @YunBao @buddyesd @HandsomeBacon
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