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Source: Roadshow http://www.roadshow.hk/talking-point/coverstory.html?f=15532 (You can find a video of the interview on the last slide of the Flash, just click next until the last slide.) Again most of the stuff we have heard many times. I am going to translate the new things only. Jong Suk: I think acting brings me the most happiness and it is the thing I want to do the most. I don’t have the ambition to take up challenges in other areas, I only want to improve my acting and get more people to like me. I also want to try some more realistic movies that feel a bit gray. I also want to try some romance movies. Because I am still young, I want to try these one by one. And my present goal is to get the best actor award in next year’s film festival. Jong Suk: When I am watching Korean dramas, sometimes I think I also want to love like the people in the drama. I want to get married. However, lately these thoughts temporarily stopped. If a right person appears at a right timing, then I will naturally get married. Jong Suk: (When asked about his 10-year goal on stuff apart from acting) 10 years later… I may open a cafe outside the city. It is because when I am an actor, I sometimes think if it is impossible for me to get better than now. The thought about this (the acting career) ending entered my brain, and I start to doubt myself. Maybe because of that, opening a cafe to make a living sounds ok.