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Model-turned-actor Kim Woo Bin recently revealed that acting was never part of his plan. In fact, “The Heirs” stud told Newsen in an interview that his initial dream career was that of a model school instructor. He said, “When I used to model, I had no intention of going into acting. My goal was to become a model school instructor. I told my modeling agency at the time that I had no desire to enter into the acting field and never signed up for acting classes. But after going to meetings for advertisement shoots, I discovered that I would need some acting skills. So I ended up taking acting classes a little late. It was around three years ago when I first started to learn how to act.” He continued, “At first, I just wanted to learn how to control expressions rather than the script, but after I met my first acting instructor I really got into it. When I saw how passionate my instructor was about acting, how considerate they were of me as a pupil and how they approached acting, I made it my goal to learn everything there was to know about acting and try it myself even though I wasn’t exactly sure of what it was. Since I became as excited as when I first started acting, I fervently started to take a bunch of classes.” Kim Woo Bin added, “I told my acting instructor to assign me more homework and have had instances where even though I came prepared after having studied I ended up getting scolded anyway. It’s the same with modeling and with acting for me – the biggest factor that drew me to both was how there was no right way to do it. Just because you concern yourself over it more or try harder doesn’t mean you’ll get a different result. After trying a bunch of times, that’s how I ended up here.” Even though Kim Woo Bin made his successful debut into the acting world, he doesn’t plan on giving up acting just yet. “I missed this season’s show for the first time after debuting as an actor. I’ve always attended them, but because I was too busy with my drama schedule I couldn’t go. I’m kind of sad that I missed it. I find modeling work really stimulating. I love doing modeling work. It’s something I am thankful for and don’t want to stop doing. Just like before, I can’t do every modeling gig that comes to me, but I want to do them all if I could. Whenever I watch Cha Seung Won in a show, I can’t help but think how amazing he looks. Just like Cha Seung Won, I want to continue modeling until I’m unable to do it anymore.”