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Noonas Over Flowers”cast member Lee Mi Yeon recently talked about real-life couple Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum. On the December 20 broadcast of “Noonas Over Flowers,” Lee Mi Yeon praised actor couple Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum, who recently returned from a backpacking trip across Europe shortly after going public with their relationship. She said, “Wow. They’re amazing. I personally like Geun Young a lot. She played an evil character in the historical drama series ‘Empress Meyongseong.’ I think actors are all about their gazes and I thought as a child, she had a particularly pretty gaze. When you start off working in the industry at a young age, it’s difficult growing up in the eyes of the public and not be caught up in the fame game, but I don’t think it affected her in the slightest.” As for Kim Bum, she praised him saying, “I’ve heard that Bum is a really great guy from my manager’s younger sibling. He also knows how to drink…” and burst into laughter. She ended by saying, “Those two are just amazing. I would send them my blessing.”