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On episode four of MBC Everyone’s “EXO’s SHOWTIME,” the members of EXO shed tears, surprising many viewers. The December 19 episode of “EXO’s SHOWTIME” caught the charismatic group shedding tears. Although some members remained stoic, other members could not hide their emotions. What was the reason behind such on-air crying? The reason was because of the movie “Miracle in Cell No. 7.” exo showtime cry Last week, the variety show’s preview for episode four caught many viewers by surprise as it showed EXO crying in what seemed like a serious atmosphere. Indeed, it was a serious atmosphere, but not for what people had expected. “EXO’s SHOWTIME’s” episode four that had aired on December 19 discussed the topic of strength, leading to an arm wrestling challenge. exo cry 2 However, when the topic changed to ‘Which Member Cries the Most?’ the members could not quickly decide. Thus, to capture the moment, EXO decided to watch an emotional movie. exo Episode four of “EXO’s SHOWTIME” caught even the strongest looking member shedding tears. The first member to be seen crying was Kris, followed by Tao and Luhan. Despite being seen as the nonchalant leader of EXO-M, Kris’ emotions could not be hidden as his quivering lips indicated the emotions that filled the room. exo Even D.O and Xiumin, the two members who seemed most unlikely to cry, were seen with tears rolling down their cheeks. Chen, who had fallen asleep in the middle of the film, had tears rolling down his cheeks by the end. chen baekyun tears In addition, sharp dancer Kai, who had voiced his frustrations towards the movie’s injustice, had tried hiding his tears by facing the other way, but it was of no use. Member Baekhyun was more obvious with his emotions, continuously wiping away tears. In the end, almost every EXO member was left with red eyes, either from tears or because of the efforts to not shed any tears. kai chanyeol tears Although EXO is known for their charismatic and cool presence, a heartbreaking movie about a girl and the injustice against her father is enough to move even the most cold-faced members to tears. exo Watch the video below of EXO shedding tears; you can also watch the full episode of Dec. 19′s “EXO’s SHOWTIME” below! 22 Tags exoEXO's ShowtimeKPLGMiracle in Cell No.7 Post Navigation Previous Story Yoon Jong Shin’s Final MV “From January to June” for “Monthly Project 2013″ Released Next Story [Soompi Shop] FIESTAR “Curious” Autographed Special Package! 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FlagShare LikeReply Amy Amiable Amy Amiable from Facebook2 days ago oh i had to see this! it has PSH right? FlagShare LikeReply Zarith Nuraqilah Zarith Nuraqilah from Facebook2 days ago Kris cried very hard ;;;; FlagShare LikeReply Donna Balinbin Donna Balinbin from Facebook2 days ago so sad, yet manly. Iove you guys Aloha, from Hawaii FlagShare LikeReply CallMeN00NA CallMeN00NA moderator2 days ago this may become my most favorite article ever FlagShare LikeReply Arief Wicaksono Arief Wicaksono from Facebook2 days ago recommended.... FlagShare LikeReply Arief Wicaksono Arief Wicaksono from Facebook2 days ago LOL Tao looks like a burglar with panda's eyes.. FlagShare LikeReply Sarah Mai Ayoung Sarah Mai Ayoung from Facebook2 days ago They have a soft heart about to cry... 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Menarik... :D FlagShare LikeReply Intan Permata Sari Chaniago Intan Permata Sari Chaniago from Facebook2 days ago they are so cute n adorable even cry... 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