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BEAST’s Yong Jun Hyung recently celebrated his birthday with Super Junior member Kim Heechul! On December 19, Kim Heechul shared a photo to his Instagram account with the playful caption, “Happy Birthday to Yong Jung Hyung! As a gift, Gun Hee and I sang him the birthday song as he blew out the candles, so we made memories and celebrated like beggars.” In the photo, Yong Jun Hyun covers his face playfully while his guest beside him has his face pixelated. Kim Heechul acts as the camera person for the special occasion and appears to be either making a cutesy pose or covering a facial blemish. Nevertheless, the trio looked adorable celebrating a special day for Yong Jun Hyung, who was born on December 19, 1989. Netizens commented, “Kim Heechul and Yong Jun Hyung must be close!” and “Happy Birthday Yong Jun Hyung!”
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Oh where's Jang geun sum heechul close friend