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“Grandpas Over Flowers” star Park Geun Hyung was at the press conference for MBC weekend drama “Give Love Away” on December 18. He mentioned that he recently watched “Nunas Over Flowers.” Park Geun Hyung worked with “baggage boy” actor Lee Seo Jin on “Grandpas Over Flowers.” The second generation “baggage boy” in the currently airing “Nunas Over Flowers” is none other than singer Lee Seung Gi. When asked to pick who he would pick as “baggage boy” for the next season, Park Geun Hyung replied, “This time I want to bring Lee Seung Gi along. Lee Seo Jin is too polished as a baggage boy. That refinement was hidden at first, and emerged later on to satisfy us.” He added, “It seems like you never know what to expect from Lee Seung Gi. That makes him interesting.” The drama that Park Geun Hyung is acting in, “Give Love Away,” also stars Lee Sang Yeob, Hong Soo Hyun, Seo Ji Suk and Shin Da Eun. The drama is a family story about romance in the twilight years, alongside the chaos and growth arising from youthful love. It aired its first episode on September 28.
@MasriDaniela yeah sis I am not anti to be in a relationship but I can't accept yoona
Yeah really we didn't expect to choose YoonA for dating ....not at all ...true @christy ????