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The '2013 SBS Drama Awards' will be the first award ceremony by the 3 channels of Korea to be streamed real-time all over the world! The '2013 SBS Drama Awards' starts at 8:55PM KST on December 31st. The show will not only be aired on SBS, but also be streamed live through their YouTube channel SBSNOW, the Twitter account @SBSNOW, through SBS' homepage, through POOQ, and Japanese channel 'LALA TV'. Viewers will be able to choose the best dressed cekebrity from what they see through SNS. Fans all over the world will be able to see the red carpet event before the actual show starts, MCed by anchors Kim Joo Woo and Jang Ye Won. SBS said, "The SBS dramas in 2013 was loved not only in Korea, but also by viewers all over the world. This drama awards will not just be broadcast, but also be progressed through SNS, so it'll be a global festival where people all over the world can communicate."