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For fans who are still suffering from withdrawal symptoms following the finale of 'Heirs', good news because the drama will air a special on Christmas Day! The SBS' 'Heirs' Christmas special titled, 'Heirs Christmas Edition - Bear the Weight of Love', will air on the 25th at 3:40 PM KST. The special will be filled with two hours of extra footage focusing on the love stories of your favorite cast. Make sure to check out this extra Christmas gift on the 25th!
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where will we be able to watch it??
does anyone know where i can watch it ?
Clips from all the previous episodes were shown on Christmas Day ..all put together as one story.
Truthfully I was kinda disappointed I thought there would be new footage of some sort.... you can watch it on drama fever...
omg, I thought I had the wrong link. yes they were clips from from the drama, NOTHING NEW. Disappointed fan.