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모모랜드 (MOMOLAND) - 190608 아인 🎪

한국에 오신 엄마랑 오랜만에 데이트💖 저랑 어릴때부터 친한 언니가 이태원에 피자가게를 열어서 엄마랑 한번 가봤어요! 언니 너무 멋있잖아..(눈물주륵) 그리고 피자도 너무 맛있었어...👍🏼 Went on a date with Mama💖 A sister I loveeee just opened a Pizza House! I was so proud watching her working and being an owner of a restaurant! The pizza was tasty😍, and She was amazing! Yay i had such a great time🖤

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