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Desperate (Vixx Fanfic Chained Up Book 4)

Chapter 9 ************ The young girl ran her fingers against each spin of every book on the shelf. She was in the library looking up some medical book beside what the text book she had. Stopping in front of a shelf, she found the book she want but only to see it was on a shelf where she could barely reach. Standing on her tip toes, stretching her arm above her head, she was close to getting it when another hand reaches it and hands it to her. Turning around, her eyes meet up to the guys chest. She tilt her head up to see SeokJin Sunbae standing in front of her. She jumped back, bumping into the bookshelf. "S-Sunbae?" She stuttered feeling her heart beat fast and a blush trying to show up on her face. He smiled at her. "Hello Hava" he greeted her. His voice was smooth like honey, making her melt by it. "Hello Sunbae." She greeted back shyly. Her heart felt like it was going to burst by the closeness of her Sunbae. She hid her face away from SeokJin, blushing like crazy. He chuckled, raising a hand to pet her head. "Cute." He said softly, talking to himself. "Have you eaten lunch yet?" She looked up into his eyes, searching for any motive that he might be trying. "I haven't eaten lunch yet. What about you Sunbae?" Shaking his head no, "Shall we go get lunch?" He asked her. The young girl nod following her Sunbae. He waited for her to check out the book. He couldn't help but admire her from afar. When she came back to him. He walked side by side with her until they reached their destination. It was a small restaurant. They found a table next to the front windows of the restaurant. "What made you decide to go into the medical field?" SeokJin asked her. She took a sip of her drink, she could feel the butterflies flying around in her stomach. "My Eonnie, well she's more like a mom to me. She takes care of me like I'm her child but I've seen her do her work around the hospital she works at and I can see how much she enjoys treating people. She let me take care of the grandma because that grandma didn't have anyone to visit and take care of her, so I realize that what I want to do too. Help people get better. What about you Sunbae?" "Me? I'm following my parents foot steps and I also like the fact of helping people." They made small talk all throughout their meal, learning about each other. When it came to desert,the young girl had to use the restroom. She excused herself and rushed to the bathroom, making her trip not long. As she was walking back to the table, she bumped into someone. "I'm sorry." She said bowing in respect. When she was about to walk away. The person she bumped into grabbed her wrist. Making her turn around and face the person. The person was tall, he had black hair, his ears pierced. I could see his back neck tattoo peeking out. "Look a little angel out of her cage. What did Mafia Leader Mr. Lee not want you anymore?" He asked making his eyes cold. The young girl was scared of this man. She couldn't move because of how intimidating he was to her. He reached out, taking a strand of her hair curling it around his finger and brushing the hair back exposing her jaw and neck. Where he wanted to leave his hickey marks all over her and take her his way. A hand slapped his hand away, her Sunbae pushing her behind him, making him stand up straight looking at the man. There was tension in the air as the man scoffed and turning around to leave the girl and her Sunbae. "Are you okay?" He asked but all she could do was nod and feeling confused. She made a mental note to ask her Appa or MinSeung about this mystery man. SeokJin grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the door. "Let's go." ************************** I ring the door bell, standing outside the Vixx home. The door opened revealing Jaehwan, dressed in casual clothes and his hair perfectly styled. "Vixen, you know you can just come in and not have to ring the doorbell." "I know, I just wanted to be polite. My Appa didn't raise me to be rude." Telling him. I walked past by him making my way through the house to see Areum and Nisha in the living room with guest. "Hava your here!" Nisha was overly excited to see me. "Hello Nisha, Areum, everyone else." Jaehwan came up behind me, taking my bag from me and setting it on the table. "Vixen, this is Nisha brother Zeke and his mate Mina and her clan members Shownu, Kihyung, Minhyuk, Wonho, Jooheon, Hyungwon and Changkyun." Jaehwan introduce them to me. "Hello, I'm Dr. Kim Hava" shaking the hands of the woman in front of me. I noticed that she was in the same situation as Nisha and Master N were in. "How far are you in?" "I should be due any moment, that's what Professor Jin says. He teaches night classes in the medical field for students who take night classes at the university. Zeke is friends with him. We recommend him to Nisha and N but they want you and I can see why." The woman said, smiling at her mate and clan members before smiling at me. I smiled back to not to be rude to her. I politely had asked everyone besides Areum, Nisha, Master N and Master Leo to leave the room. As everyone had left the room I turned my attention to Areum and her gun wound shot. It healed nicely as I expect it to do. I went through my procedures of asking questions to see if anything else was going on. She had answered no on all of them so I cleared her to go. With Nisha, I check the baby heart beat, Nisha condition. I jotted down notes on my research papers I been collecting since the start. "I give or take that you are approaching your last trimester, which means like your friend Mina she's due any minute now. I want you to still do the same as you were before. I think the results will turn out good. Is there anything else I can do for you two?" I asked them. They shook their heads and I smiled snapping the latex gloves off my hands, rolling them up in a ball throwing them in my bag. "Great, just let me know if you have questions" I smiled. Master N made a promise to me that he would call if he had any questions. I cleaned up my equipment, putting it in my bag. There was a second pair of hands that helped me. I look up at Jaehwan, seeing his focus face was cute and I couldn't help but smile at him. "A picture can last longer." He looked me in the eyes, taking my breath away. My heart beat speed up from being caught. I quickly went back to putting my equipment back in my bag. Standing up, I tried to rush my way to the front door but only to be held back by Jaehwan. "Don't leave...please stay for a little while longer. I haven't been able to see you much." He was right I was still ignoring him after our conversation last time. He had a mate and I felt bad that I was intruder into their relationship. I couldn't protest cause he was now leading me across the house to his room. Stepping inside, it was still the same way when I had last seen it that time. It was bring so much memories back. Instead of sitting on the bed, I sat down on one of the chair that was between a small square table. He was confused at first and decided to sit across from me at the table. "Why have you been ignoring me?" He asked searching my eyes for answers. I bowed my head preventing him to see them. I let my lip curl into a frown, not sure how I should answer him. "Vixen? Please if you don't talk to me, how am I supposed to fix what I have done wrong." He laced one of his hands with mine. I could feel jolts of tingles crawl through my body. I tried to pull my hand away from him, only to have him use his strength to keep my hand place where it was with his. "Hava please..." He was begging. I could hear the sound of desperation laced in his voice. It's rare for him to call me by my first name. It's always Vixen. I let out a shaky sigh and looking up at him. "I been ignoring you because you have a mate. I don't think she appreciates me being around you." I felt stupid giving him my answer. I couldn't make myself to face him. I wanted to hide my face. I heard a chair move back and his heavy foot steps coming around the table. I jumped when my chair was turned to face him. His hand reached out to touch my face, making me look him in the eyes. I could see his smirk on his lips. "Hava, you're my mate." I felt the world stop when I heard those words. Everything was tuned out as my thoughts were scattered everywhere. I tried to find the right emotion to express but I didn't know which one. "I'm your mate..." I watched him chuckle and smile. "Yes Hava you are." Reality hit me hard as I wanted to hide myself. How could I not see it. The sex, the fighting, him calling me Vixen. "I am so stupid!" I told myself out loud while face palming myself. "I have to disagree on that. You are anything but stupid. It just took you awhile to figure things out." "Are you calling me slow." I punch him in the chest while he laughed. "No no. I'm not calling you slow. But now that I think of it. You are pretty slow to put puzzle piece things together." "Yah!!" I shouted at him, getting up from the chair to punch him in the arm. He ran away as far as his room would let him. He let out a musical laugh that I wanted to hear all the time. It made butterflies fly in my stomach. I laughed with him while chasing him around his room. I was able to catch him on the bed. He pulled me close, brushing my hair away from my face. The silence between us felt comfortable, knowing that we didn't need words to speak. I was going to say something, when there was a high pitch scream echoing throughout the house. I quickly jumped up from the bed, running to the sound. It was my doctor instinct telling me that something happened. Arriving at the scene, I saw Mina on the couch holding her stomach trying to catch her breath as her clan members were panicking about her well being and trying to figure out what to do. "What's wrong?" One by one everyone came into view of the scene. "It's time to deliver a baby." I announced rushing to Mina side, I didn't care if I landed on the water that broke from her. "Mina can you hear me?" I asked her as she nod her head. "Okay stay with me, I need you to take in short breaths with me." Showing her an example of what I wanted her to do. It wasn't long before she was following my movements. I was lucky she was wearing a dress. I lifted it up, seeing how much she was dilated. For a vampire it was sure fast. Turning to Master N, I looked at him. "Is there somewhere we can move her to so we can deliver this baby?" He nod and told him that he could show us a room. I grabbed the attention of her mate and members, telling them that we were moving her to a different location in the house. Her mate carried her bridal style as I followed him and Master N to the room. There was a medical bed in the room. It must had been newly placed for Nisha's well being when she has her baby. The members all piled in the room. Some stood next to Mina and others stood next to the wall behind where Mina was laying down. I quickly set the bed at the position that I needed Mina in. I asked her if she was ready, all she could do was nod. I asked her mate and the members around her if they were ready and they faintly nod, looking more pale than their usual. "Alright Mina when I count to three, I need you to push on three. Are you ready?" She gave out a small yes and I began counting to three. It was cycle of counting and pushing when a baby girl came out. I had the scissors to Zeke, letting him cut the umbilical cord. I grabbed the baby girl, carefully holding her, I saw the nose sucker, sticking in the baby girl nose I was able to get her nose airway cleared, she started to cry as I swaddled her in a blanket and handed her to Mina. "Hello my precious Zellah." Mina said as Zeke looked at his baby girl with love and happiness. The members crowd in smiling down at the baby girl who is now part of their life. I quickly cleaned Mina up. She was already healing up quickly, so there was much to do for her. I left with a smile on my face. Shutting the door behind me, I saw the whole Vixx clan standing in front of me. "So?" "It's a healthy baby girl." 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