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Desperate (Vixx Fanfic Chained Up Book 4)

Chapter 10 ************* The line ringed three times before Minseung picked up the phone. "Hello?" He sounds like he was out of breath. "Oppa!" The young girl said in the receiver of the cell phone. "What are you doing?" She asked curious to why he was out of breath. "Aww my little sister, did you miss me? Is that why you called. I'm out doing an errand for Boss man you know. Catching the bastards that owe us or are on our hit list." He told her. Minseung wasn't afraid to tell the young girl the business of what was going on in the mafia. He didn't go into detail when he tells her stuff. When she was in middle school on her walks from school to home with Minseung, she was curious about the position that Minseung, her Appa, and Uncles held, so she asked Minseung to explain to her. A grunt came in the background, along with some foul language from Minseung on the other end of the call. It wasn't straight in her ear but a distance away that she could still hear it. "Sorry little sister, you have my full attention now." He said, she could hear a duct tape sound and muffles being made. "Oppa, I hope you aren't killing this person." He laughed at what she said but they both knew it could come true. All of her family members were dangerous men to other people but when it came to her they could give her the whole world if they wanted to. "Anyways Oppa, I was calling because you can probably tell me who I ran into the other day. And please don't tell Father or Appa." It was one reason why she was calling him instead of her Appa or Father because once they knew who she ran into, they would make her drop out of school and lock her in the house for forever. "I'm listening Hava." He used her real name meaning that he was being serious and if he had to go to the school to protect her, he would. "I was at a restaurant with a Sunbae, I had went to use the restroom and when I was going back to my Sunbae, this tall man, with black hair, ears pierced and a tattoo on his neck was peeking out it look like it was Roman numerals." She tried to rethink what she saw the other day. Ever since that scene happened she couldn't get over it. " and he said to me "Look a little angel out of her cage. What did Mafia Leader Mr. Lee not want you anymore?" I thought he could have been an old customer that didn't get his turn but he doesn't look familiar to me." She nibbled on her lip. Someone sat down across from her at the table she was sitting at outside the campus since it was a nice day out. She smiled at SeokJin Sunbae as he watched her have a conversation on the phone. "Damnit Hava, you are gone not even a whole week and already getting into trouble."  He sighed. "You just meet Kwon Jiyong, also known as G-Dragon. Leader of the Blue Dragon gang. That group is our rival Hava. Stay away from him and his foot soldiers." He was serious by the tone in his voice. "Oh I see, thank you Oppa. I'll see you whenever. Bye I love you." Before he could say anything else. She hanged up on him. Turning her attention to her Sunbae. "Hello Sunbae." Smiling at him, he smiled back making her stomach filled with butterflies. "Hello Hava." She loves the way that her name fell off his tongue. It caused her heart to speed up and the butterflies to multiply. "Do you have any more classes today?" He asked her. She smiled while shaking her head no. "Care to go out with me. "Sure lets go!" ************* I slide the cover up on the security pad of the front door to enter the numbers and sliding the cover down for the door to unlock. Pushing down on the handle I open the door. "I'm home!" Calling out to my brothers. "Iz, your home." My eldest brother came to greet me. He wrapped his arms around me, bringing me into a hug. He smelt like a soft cotton smell bringing me back to my college days. "Hello Oppa, are you the only one home?" It's been awhile since I had seen him and the others over a little four weeks. It was only two weeks since the Vixx house. I stripped the jacket, hanging it on the coat peg by the front door. Taking off my shoes, Onew Oppa took my bag out of my hands, carrying it to place it on the couch. "The others are here. Tae and Minho are napping and Kibum is in the kitchen." I hummed in a response, plopping on the couch putting my feet on the coffee table. I close my eyes for a second feeling myself dozing off. Jaehwan had visit me the last 20 minutes of my shift and had walked me to my car. "Long day at work?" Onew asked as I hummed again. It seemed like an easy answer for everything as I was exhausted from the long shift hours, I had picked up an extra four hour shift for another doctor.They had to leave early for a family funeral. I could hear the tv turned on with the volume setting at a low volume. I almost entered stage 3 of NREM when my phone rang making me jump. I pulled it out of the pocket it was in. Not bothering to see at the caller idea, I answered the phone. "Hello?" My voice was raspy from being tired. I honestly just wanted to relax and possibly falling asleep on the couch, letting one of my brothers carry me to my room to tuck me in. "Vixen, I know this is last minute and you just got home... are you willing to be my date to Leo and Areum wedding tonight." I jumped up in a straight sitting position, making Onew jump. He mouthed the word 'what' to me. I waved my hand at him to stop talking. This news made me feel more wide awake. "How long do I have to get ready?" I asked seeing if I could shower, do hair and make up on time. "An hour maybe. Just hurry and get ready I'll pick you up." I said no more. I rushed to my room leaving Onew confused on what was happening. I quickly stripped and hopped in the shower, taking a 15 minute shower. I blow dried my hair than styled it. I looked at my alarm clock to see I only had about 20 minutes left. I slapped on make up doing my best not to look like a clown while hurrying to get my blood red dress on. It was a lace panel off the shoulders with a vintage look on the top of the dress and it flared out on the bottom. I went to my closet taking out a pair of black round toe stiletto that buckle up a little above the ankles. I looked in the full size mirror, smiling at my reflection. I was missing some small details which were diamond earrings and a matching necklace to go with it. I also took my black clutch wallet out of my closet, putting my phone and money in the clutch wallet. I heard the doorbell ring. Smoothing our the dress one more time, I hurried down the stairs where I heard talking going on. Coming into the living room. I smiled at Jaehwan, looking at him in a black suit with his hair styled back. He got up from the couch, smiling at me. Taking my hands and bringing them to his lips to kiss my knuckles. I could feel my face getting hot and my heart racing at a 100mph. The butterflies were flying in my stomach, making me nervous around him. "Vixen, you look gorgeous." He complimented me. I could see his eyes shine with light. "Thank you. You look handsome as well." Telling him with a soft smiling. "Almost Paradise achimboda deo nunbusin Nal hyanghan neoui sarangi onsesang da gajindeutae In my life nae jichin sarme kkumcheoreom Dagawajun ni moseubeul eonje kkajina saranghal su itdamyeon!" I heard three people singing. I face palmed, embarrassed that my oppa's would take such a beautiful moment and ruin it. "OPPA'S!!!" I yelled at them making them jump a few inches in the air. "Haha sorry Isda, We saw an opportunity and we took it. So this is the vampire that got you in trouble with the heavens council?" Minho asked making himself look intimidating. It wasn't much of an act because I saw him as a softie. Although his competing side is the scariest I've ever seen. "Yes, now we are leaving. I'll text you if I stay over longer." I called over my shoulder pushing Jaehwan out the door. I was trying to save him from everyone's embarrassment. He opened the passenger door for me. Helping me in the car to make sure I wouldn't fall while getting in the car. I watched him shut the door, walking around the car to the driver seat. We were silent half way to the house. "Isda is your.." "My birth name. My real parents gave it to me before giving me away to a couple... that couple was murdered a long time ago by my Father, Appa and some of my Uncles. My Appa didn't have the heart to leave me to die in the fire that they cause so he took me in and took the responsibility of me. He named me Hava cause I was never given a name at a young age. The couple who took me in could careless about me. I grew up in a place that they sinned against God and being angels from heaven they were stripped from their wings and never allowed back in heaven." I nibbled on my lip remembering my past where my life had started. This was the first time I was telling him where my story began. "Have you sinned before?" He asked me, making me think back to my younger days of lust, wrath, and the other sins I had committed that I had to paid the price for. "Yes I have. Any human being can sin without knowing it. I look at them as mistaken choice that we made for ourselves that we can learn from to make us a better person. I did my years of punishment for the sins I committed. Am I happy about them? Some yes and some no, but they made me who I am today and I don't regret them." "What was the first sin you committed?" "Envy and then Lust. I envied the girls in my school years because they could have a normal life where as I had to obey strict rules under a mafia leader who could like me whenever he wanted to. Lust was when I had meet you the first time in high school. After having my first sexual experience with you. When I turned 18, I was stripped from my wings so the council could keep a strong control over me. I had to obey what they told me to do." "Do they still have control over you?" He asked pulling into the driveway. "They try but I'm to much of a back talker to them that they know punishment do not work. And since my biological parents were in a high position in the heaven, they say I'm too much like my father. Causing trouble when I'm not even trying." He chuckled at my words. He got out of the car, making his way to my side. I unbuckled the seat belt and carefully stepping out of the car with his help. We walked in the house, nothing changed since the past two weeks I had been here. He led me to the back yard where all the decorations were placed and the visitors were finding their places. "Hello Master Ken." Jaehwan and I turned around to see a golden tan man standing near us. "If you do not step away from us and say any inappropriate words, I won't hesitate to knock your ass to the ground. Wolf or not, I'm not playing any bullshit with you Kim Jongin." Jaehwan growled while staring this Jongin person down. "Very well, it seems like my presence is not welcome." He said leaving in a kind manner. I nudge Jaehwan, my eyebrows were scrunched together confused by what happened. He sighed. "He's part of Exo clan the werewolves. He's also Nisha's best friend. He has a play boy problem. Stay far away from him as you can if you don't want to be hit on." He said while leaning in closer where his lips were brushed up against my ear. I had shiver crawl down my body. "If he ever comes near you, tell me so I can beat the shit out of him." Jaehwan leaned back as I could feel the shivers. The music came on and all of us stood up watching Areum walk down the aisle to meet Master Leo at the alter. Her dress was a beautiful sweetheart shape, strapless dress and it mermaid down at the bottom. Her hair was nicely pulled up away from her face. I paid attention to the couple in front of the small crowd.  I could see the happiness and love between the both of them. "I promise that will be us one day." I heard Jaehwan telling me. It made me giddy thinking about it. We all clapped and cheered for the now married couple. It was a short minute of cheering when a scream interrupt the cheering. We all look towards where the scream came from. Nisha hunched over holding her stomach. "My water just broke" she informed us. "Oh for the love of god!!" I yelled. "Why does this always happen to me when I'm around you guys" muttering on my way to Nisha. I was able to get Master N to not panic over Nisha as we moved her to the closest room. Which was their room, I was about to walk in the room when Jaehwan stop me to put an oversized black tee shirt on me to cover my dress. "Now go work your magic and bring my niece or nephew into this world." He said winking before leaving to wait in the living room with the others. I walked in to see Master N had prepared the things we needed. Just like Mina, Nisha was already dilated enough to push the baby out. "Are you two ready?" I asked them. I was hoping they were because as their doctor, I was ready. "A thousand time yes!!" Nisha said moaning as another contraction hit her. "Okay on the count of three I need you to push. One...two...three!" I told her as she pushed. It was the same repeated cycle that happened two weeks ago. Master N and I encourage Nisha to continue pushing until the baby boy came out. Master N cut the umbilical cord and I grabbed the baby boy quickly so I could clear  his air ways for him to breathe. "Congrats its a baby boy." I wrap the baby boy in the towel. Handing him off to Nisha. She and Master N awed at the boy while I cleaned up what I could of Nisha. Master N stepped out of the room to gather the family. I stayed back with Nisha to keep her company. "What's his name?" "Cha Hyunki" she told me. Showing him off to me. "Hyunki, it's nice to meet you. Were were supposed to be the first baby I delivered but your cousin Zellah beat you to it. I may be your Auntie Hava in the future." I told the sleeping boy, making Nisha smile at the thought. One by one the brothers came in and Nisha introduced them to Hyunki and they introduced themselves to Hyunki. I decided to step out of the room, making my way to Jaehwan room. I pulled the bloody shirt off, along with my dress, I took my heels off setting them to the side. I went through his dresser to pull out another oversized shirt. I went to the bathroom to clean up the stained dried blood on my hands and taking off the make up. I changed into the shirt and stepped out of the bathroom to see Jaehwan sitting on his bed. I walked up to him, having him pull me into a hug, I rubbed his head. I would feel the exhaustion hit me again. "Your phone is on the table." He said looking up at me. I looked down at him, thanking him with a kiss on the lips and turning to get my phone to message my brothers that I was staying over night. "Let's sleep. I'm exhausted now." Telling him as I crawled into the bed and cuddled up against him when he came in bed. I could feel a kiss on my forehead with a soft good night he told me before I fell into the Rem stages again with him. 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