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Desperate (Vixx Fanfic Chained Up Book 4)

Chapter 11 ************** "Ahhh." Her Sunbae said holding a piece of fruit in front of her. They had grown closer since the accident. Her Sunbae took on a role to show her that he knew how to take care of her. The one to lead in the relationship if it was heading that way. She leaned forward taking the fruit in her mouth. "How is it?" She held two thumbs up and went back to writing down her notes from the text book. She had asked SeokJin Sunbae to help with her studies but seeing that it was excuse to hang out with him was fine with him. He did help when she asked him a question about certain information that confused her. He held out another bite for her but this time he teased her with it causing them to both laugh. "Sunbae you're distracting me from my work." The young girl whined, causing the Sunbae to smirk. "Sorry sweetie but it's cute to see you pout." Telling her as she pouted at his words. She took the chopsticks out of her Sunbae hands and held out a piece of fruit for him to take. At this sight it would make everyone awed at how cute they were. It all changed when two people interrupted their moment. She gasped to see her oppa holding Jb Sunbae by the collar of his shirt. "Minseung oppa!! What are you doing you can't come here and scare my Sunbaes or classmates off. Sunbae I'm sorry on the behalf of his behavior. He grew up with over dominating men in the house. Oppa let him go!" Her oppa let the man go to see him dashing across the campus to stay out of sight from her oppa. "He had it coming to him. Rude punk didn't have any manners to apologize for bumping into me." "Doesn't give you the right to hold him by the collar of his shirt. What are you doing here oppa?" "I'm here to make sure you are in one piece and to scare off any guys that are trying to hit you up." He said turning his attention to SeokJin Sunbae. The scene changed fast before her eyes, after one blink her oppa had SeokJin Sunbae by the shirt with his face in the other. "Who are you?" "I'm SeokJin... Hava's Sunbae." "Oppa!" The young girl tried to her oppa's hands off her Sunbae. "I'm sorry Sunbae." She said making sure that there was a space between the two older boys. "It's okay sweetie" he looked at her then at her brother. The girl's oppa narrowed his eyes at the man in front of him. He tried to make his way to him but the young girl was pushing her oppa back. "I swear, you lay one hand or break her heart you will not only have me coming after you but the boss man, her Appa and her Uncles after you. My little sister doesn't need horny dicks like you to fuck up her life." "Stop it Minseung!! You have no room to talk to him like that. What about the sluts you bring to the house hmm?" "Watch your language, you should consider yourself lucky I convinced boss man, your Appa and the other Hyungs not to come. They would have his head if they saw him with you." "I know, I know. Can we all calm down." She asked her oppa. He took a deep breath before relaxing. "I came to check up on you and to make sure you weren't being followed or threatened by Jiyong and his foot soldiers." He asked her, looking at her from head to down to make sure she wasn't hurt anywhere. "Jiyong hasn't done anything yet so I think he's being quiet for now. And I haven't been in contact with any of his foot soldiers, so I'm okay oppa." Her oppa nod and pulling her into a hug. Her Sunbae watch them confused to what was going on. He never knew that the young girl had an older brother to look after her. Minseung pulled back, kissing her forehead. "Call me if anything happens, I'll come beat the crap out of anybody who hurts you." She nod at her brother words before he turned to her Sunbae. "You, I'm watching you. You better not fuck up or I'll come after you. I have eyes everywhere." Her Sunbae shallowed his saliva and nod his head, ready to piss his pants because of how intimidating his hoobae older brother was. "Bye Oppa." She told the older brother. When he was out of sight, the Sunbae was able to breath again. "Your brother is scary." The young girl laughed. "Sunbae if you think he's scary then you haven't seen what my father, my Appa and Uncles can do." "What do they do?" "You really want to know?" Her Sunbae nod. "You won't leave me if I tell you?" "I won't sweetie." He said taking her hand and squeezing it. "They are part of a mafia." ********************** I finished my rounds of patients I had to see. I walked up to the desk where Seulgi, Irene and Yuri were talking to one another while working through files. I set my clipboard on the counter, filling out the paper work of it. "Did you hear that we are getting a new doctor here." "Yes, I heard he teaches a medical program at the university." "I also heard that he is very handsome and dreamy." "I can't wait to see what he looks like, or how he treats others. There's a rumor that he's pretty harsh on his juniors. I guess it's because he finished his degree at Harvard." "Do you know what his name is?" "He's another Dr. Kim but his full name starts something and ends with Jin. That all I heard from the nurse on the east wing said." "Well with so much gossip going on about him I'm sure he will making a grand entrance when he comes." I couldn't help but easy drop. I had to find out for myself if it was really him. I put the clipboard in the done pile and rushed my way to Soyeon office. I knocked and heard a faint come in behind the close door. "Sunbae is it him that's coming?" I asked her, she scrunched her eyebrows together to get an idea of what I was talking about. She didn't know the whole details but knew I had strong feelings for him but after what had happened to us, he withdrew from school and never came back. "Who? Who's coming?" Trying to play off like she didn't know but I could read her like an open book. "Soyeon Unnie! You know who I'm talking about. Is he coming here to this hospital to work here?" She puts the cap back on her pen and setting it down on the text book she was reading. Letting out a sigh. "Last gathering between all of us, he mentioned that he needed a new challenge and that our chairman was offering him a position here since we are down one doctor on the team. I didn't know he was going to take that offer." "How long until he gets here?" I asked. I wanted to prepare myself when I had to face him. "In three weeks to be exact." 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