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This is a little much. Conan shows a roundup of all of the local news anchors reporting the exact same story the exact same way. These are from different network affiliates too!! NBC, Fox, etc. All owned by different parents companies. Does anyone have any idea how this could happen? Who writes these stories? I'm actually really curious
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thanks man!
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no problem. Do you have any theories about this? I really am curious... If it were all one network or parent company I wouldn't be that surprised that they had national stories that were written and then distributed, but there's networks from different parent companies on here! Baffling
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My guess is just that people just don't care. Most people only watch fox or msnbc etc so the networks lose nothing. They got got with this though
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i love it when comedians do real stuff like this
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If they all have the same script wouldn't that mean that our news is controlled by our government. They've only done so much to fuck things up.
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