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Copenhagen suborbitals is currently building the largest rocket engine test facility in the history of amateur experimental rocketry. Rated at up to 260 kilo newton thrust, and cooled with 20.000 liters of water pr. second VTC-3 is a unique facility. The flame deflector -- or flame bucket -- of the VTC-3 was mounted 13 December 2013. This key component of the test stand deflects and directs the exhaust plume of the rocket motors during test. Without it the rocket jet would quickly burn a crater in the ground and the whole test stand would fall over. With it, we can test large rocket engines for long duration. Two diesel powered 6 inch fire pumps provides the cooling water. The test control center is placed 350 meters away in the Horizontal Assembly Building, HAB. VTC3 is designed to test complete rocket stages. The largest to be tested on this site is the 1,6 meter diameter 15 ton HEAT 1600 rocket booster. It's a liquid propellant turbo pump feed 1. Stage booster with a max thrust of 260 kilo newton.