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A complete process of CO2 storage tanks

Carbon dioxide storage tanks are important equipment in carbon dioxide storage and vaporization equipment projects. A complete process is as follows:

After the tanker is opened to the loading and unloading station, the gas phase , liquid phase tubes of the tank and the tank truck are connected, and the carbon dioxide can be transferred to the tank by using the tank pump. The carbon dioxide in the storage tank is stored in a liquid state of -23 ° C - -30 ° C.

The liquid carbon dioxide stored in the storage tank is vaporized by the vaporizer, and then decompressed through a pressure reducing valve and sent to the application workshop; if necessary or otherwise used, carbon dioxide can be poured into the cylinder.

The use of carbon dioxide storage tanks:

Liquid carbon dioxide storage tanks are storage pressure vessels for storing liquid carbon dioxide and other media. High purity gases are required in steel mills, hospitals, gas production plants, food and beverage, welding and other industries.
It is economical and safer to inflate than high-pressure cylinders and can reduce the cost of gas.

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