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It’s not a coincidence that the bigger guys throw more spray. The fact is that the extra weight they carry around also makes them stronger. Now, before you run out and buy weight gainer to move some water, consider developing some leg strength. A good strength program will have you on the fast track to laying down some serious power turns without the extra baggage. You gotta love the back squat. From your bottom turn to your carve, this has got to be one of the best exercises for surfing. The back squat is going to help you in all conditions from two feet to 20 feet. You’re going to push more water when it’s small or muscle that 10’6″ off the bottom at Peahi. I personally like the 5×5 program. Five reps for five sets. Find a weight that challenges you. That last set should be a killer. Take a minute or two in between sets to recover so you can actually complete the movement. Proper form is the most crucial part (knees out, back straight). Followed by the right amount of weight. You don’t want to kill yourself right off the bat. Take your time and progress the amount of weight you’re lifting. Give it six weeks and get ready to make it rain. Good luck and God speed.